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An Integrated Approach to Health and Fitness

We are funny creatures……we’re a soup of atoms, molecules, cells, flesh and blood. All of our internal organs and systems work together within very narrow limits. We’re a complex blend pre-designed by genetics and altered by our environment. We are both physical and emotional in our needs. Built and fuelled by nutrition but driven by our beliefs and desires. Sometimes we’re hampered by injury, infection or disease.

Each of us are such complex beings, the one size fits all fitness or nutrition program simply can’t apply any longer. It’s time to think differently about how you approach your own health and wellbeing to make sure you really are achieving your maximum potential.

These are some key things to remember when looking to make a change:
• Training doesn’t work without a progressive program.
• Your program won’t work without sleep and recovery.
• Sleep and recovery doesn’t happen without optimal nutrition.
• The perfect mix will still grind to a halt if you are over worked and stressed.

Getting Started:

When health professionals look to address a client’s needs for a holistic lifestyle (health and fitness) program we have to consider the person themselves and design an individualised program as unique as their finger print.

In functional medicine they say “treat the patient not the disease” which means a good holistic healthcare practitioner will approach the client with the view to create a “therapeutic partnership” that places the individual at the forefront. Why? because…

➢ You know what you want
➢ You know what is stopping you achieving your goals
➢ You know about your own health issues
➢ You are an expert about yourself!

Once you share your story, your practitioner will work to create a clear pathway for you to achieve your goals that you have set for yourself.

Wellbeing is a journey:

The first step is to enlist or follow a professional to help build your program. This could be a Functional Medicine Doctor, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist or a Cognitive Therapist. Who ever it is, make sure they take a holistic approach and as you a lot of questions about yourself to really understand your story.

You’ll get a plan that is specific for you and that works within the limits of your lifestyle Make sure that the method changes and progresses on a regular basis.

Make sure to embrace your program with intention, passion and joy. Once you have set your mind to it, you will achieve goals above and beyond your expectation. We saw just how far mental attitude took the Olympians of 2012!

Set up regular assessments to test your results to ensure you are progressing. Your practitioner should outline a means of measuring success but these can be anything from health assessments, lab tests, body composition analysis, movement assessments or consultation follow ups.

Take time to eat and love your food. You need to step away from the computer and try to make time to sit with friends, family or a good book. Conscious eating is just as important as making sure you are enjoying a wide variety of healthy foods…which by the way does include red wine and dark chocolate!

Get to Bed! You need 8 hours of unadulterated, unbroken shut eye…ok those with kids and busy work schedules are now laughing out loud……this may not happen……but try winding down for the day and getting to bed earlier. You will notice an immediate difference in your energy levels.

The journey to wellbeing may have milestones but it isn’t one with a destination. This is about making a lifestyle change. With the advice of experts who understand how to bring out the best you not only will you be getting in great shape but ultimately you are giving yourself the gift of healthy and happy future………To be continued.

_Gideon has 20 years experience as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and educator, focused upon engaging patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Gideon is also currently training as a naturopathic nutritionist, is a frequent writer for Men’s Fitness magazine and the resident trainer of UK TV show Britain’s Next Top Model.__
• Manages KX Fitness Team
• Personal Trainer
• Strength and Conditioning Coach
• Functional Medicine Consultant

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