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Different People Get Different Results

Well its not rocket science to work this one out, yet it is a simple message that we seem to lose, and simple messages is key to our philosophy.

Like when Jenny next door has been on the same diet and has lost a stone where you have only lost 2lbs, or why Johnnie who weight lifts once a week and ends up like Chris Hoy while his mate trains legs 3 times per week and still walks around on his breadsticks.

Let me try to explain why this happens, and here comes the science, but bare with me as “knowledge is power” Let me tell you the story about “mapping the human Genome” which happened in 2002.

We got very excited (note to self you got excited) about it because we got to learn just how many genes us human have. Sadly about the same as some worms (which explains a lot about us all!) in fact only approx 23,000. However as this project has continued to evolve scientists have found that these genes have many variations of how they can express themselves (In fact 187,000,000 variations as of 2012).

These gene variations are called SNP’s and it is believed are responsible for over 80% of the variation between two individuals.

What does that all mean Pete! Well put very simply there are at least 150,000,000 reasons why people on the same diet (a dirty word in my book, see later blog) or on the same exercise regime do not get the same results.

Therefore we cannot gauge our results against anyone else when using the same regimes whether dietary, exercise or other. Different people get different results because we are at least 150,000,000 different.

With 14 years clinical practice in the Harley Street district, Pete has developed ground breaking straegies using a Functional Medicine approach to help individuals optimise and understand their health. Particular specialities include emphasis on the negative psychological effects of stress, weight management, metabolic syndrome develpment, hormone imblances and reduced aesthetic performance.
•Lifestyle/Functional Medicine Specialist
Pete works through the KX Spa, providing initial functional assessment for clients if they need to go deeper. Trainers also refer clients if believed his services can allow people to work out of a rut.
Pete works on demand thus does not have set hours within KX.

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