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Lightwave LED Light Therapy

Five amazing years at KX later I finally feel like I have understood the skin the way that I have always wanted to. Eleven years in the industry and I feel so lucky to have worked with the most amazing, interesting and effective treatments.

If I had to choose any one treatment I would have to say lightwave rejuvenation has very quickly become a personal favourite. Coming from a laser background to finally find something that is so effective, yet completely gentle and non invasive, I have to say this treatment is amazing.

With very few contra-indications and dozens of positive effects, I think everyone should try it at least once. Lightwave reduces and even reverses the signs of ageing by stimulating the rejuvenation tissues at the cellular level. Basically it gets deeper than any product or therapist hands could ever reach, leaving the skin healthy as well as beautiful.

Lightwave is FDA approved, completely non-invasive, and does not produce any thermal damage. Treatments last between 15 to 30 minutes.

So how does it work?

It’s a gentle and natural treatment, and similar to the process of photosynthesis. Lightwave use both visible red light and infa-red light energy to increase your bodies own regenerative metabolism at the cellular level. Blue light is used to get to the core of what causes acne and helps kill bacteria resulting in

• increase production of collagen and elastine
• increase in lymphatic drainage
• increases the process of removal of toxins
• increase blood flow to the surface of the skin
• increases cellular nutrient uptake
• enhances healing of acne to help prevent scaring

Lightwave is great for cosmetic enhancement for the face reducing the appearance of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to lift, tone, and restore a youthful look to the skin. Lightwave is also frequently used by doctors and laser therapist to heal the skin after more invasive treatments.

Lightwave can also be used to reduce scars, burns, sun damage and sunspots on the face and body, and even has a hair stimulating programming for clients concerned about hair loss on their head.

Results can be visible in just 6 to 8 treatments and sometimes even in 2 to 3 depending on the quality of the skin. 1 to 2 treatments are recommended twice per week to begin with which can be followed by monthly maintenance treatments.

Treatments start from £70 for 30 minutes LED treatment, whilst KX combination Medi-facials with LED light start from £140 for 60 minutes.

Minu is a fully qualified beauty therapist with over ten years experience in the industry. Minu is in high demand for her expert-advise when delivering medical facials, velashape II cellulite and circumference reduction and coolsculpting permanent fat removal body treatments. Minu has a deep personal understanding of the treatments and a continual interest in researching the ever-changing equipment and products on offer in the aesthetic industry.
• Beauty Therapist
• Specialist in IPL, threading & hair removal
• Expertise in medical facials & fat reduction treatments.

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