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Lymphatic Drainage - a Detoxing 'Meditation in Motion'

I had tried all sorts of massages over the years but when I read an article about Manual Lymphatic Drainage I was intrigued. It sounded strange. Would the practitioner hook me up to a Hoover like machine to start ‘my drain’? The article claimed that this treatment could be beneficial to all sorts of symptoms:

• Fluid retention
• Bloatedness/sluggish digestion
• Cellulites
• Skin problems
• Insomnia
• Burnt-out/exhaustion
• Hormonal imbalances
• Infertility
• Post-operative recovery

At the time I came across the article, I felt completely exhausted and burnt out after working long hours in an oncology ward as a registered nurse in Sweden. My digestions was sluggish which made me feel very bloated. I had tried resting when I was off, but my thoughts were always spinning when I tried to sleep. I could not regain my energy or improve my digestion on my own so I knew I needed some help. I called the practitioner mentioned in the article and booked my first appointment.

A week later, the day before my appointment I re-read the article and almost cancelled when it said that it was a light touch treatment…I did not want something light touch! I really wanted someone to pummel my tired and aching body, to get in deep and release my tense muscles! In the end I decided to go, at least I thought to myself, I would be lying down for an hour.

It was a light touch treatment but it really did allow my body, for the first time in a long time, to completely relax and let go and at the same time I could feel the therapist’s movements deeply. I fell into deep relaxation, and I can only describe the treatment as a ‘meditation in motion’.

Afterwards, I felt so light and I floated out into the street. Before going to bed that evening, I had to visit the toilet many times and I was surprised how much fluid my body was getting rid off. I had not thought I ever suffered from fluid retention. The next day, I felt a lot more energised and I continued to feel light and even my jeans felt a lot loser. Hurray! I had finally found a treatment that worked wonders for me.

That day I decided to continue with the treatments for a period of six weeks fitting in a treatment a week, as I was recommended by my therapist. And I have never looked back since.

Sixteen years on from that experience and having been an MLD practitioner since 2001 I am even more convinced about the benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I have met so many happy clients with great results over the years.

Lymphatic Drainage is a fantastic treatment on its own, but depending on what you look to achieve it can be great to combine it with other treatments such as:
• Acupuncture
• Colonic Hydrotherapy
• Velashape
• Cool sculpting
• Detox program
This technique can also act as an incentive to lose weight and improve sleep as it works extremely gently but has long lasting calming and rebalancing effects on the central nervous system.

MLD is extremely beneficial after surgery, particularly plastic surgery, as it helps the tissues to heal quicker by removing excess fluids and waste products.

Everyone can benefit from the relaxing and detoxifying effects of the treatment. It is also beneficial during pregnancy as it is non-intrusive and really helps to relieve fluid retention and to prevent stretch marks. One of my clients Zoe de Givenchy blogged about her experience with MLD during pregnancy for the Maternally Chic website recently.

MLD also gives you that important one hour with yourself, where no-one can disturb you:-)

So is Manual Lymphatic Drainage something for everyone? In a word, YES!

I welcome you to experience it for yourself.

Nina is an experienced masseuss with techniques focused on releasing toxins from the body to boost both circulation and the immune system. Her specialties include Pregnancy massage, whereby relaxing and energy boosting treatments help with fluid retention for expectant mothers.
• Manual Lymphatic Drainage
• Pregnancy Massage
• Swedish Massage with Acupressure and Aromatherapy Oils

Health, Detox, Meditation

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