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So You Want To Go Skiing?

Planning on doing the same thing as last year? You know, taking some spin classes, and going for a few runs a couple of weeks before you hit the slopes. Maybe you’ll just stick with your yoga class, after all you got to be flexible to ski.

I call this the scattergun approach. You fire half heartedly and hope you hit the mark. Hopefully the reason you are reading this is because you really do want to improve your skiing this season.

If that’s the case we need to get something clear from the start what we do in the gym get’s your body ready for the challenges the slopes throw at you…but it won’t improve your carving, powder skiing or make you king of the moguls. That I leave in the trusted hands of ski instructors.

What you are going to do, is prepare your body for the rigours of skiing fast and with tried and tested techniques that I have used to great success with my clientele.

There are many ski fitness programs out there and some are good but in fact most of what I have read in the past for skiing I would describe as faddish or a buzz word in training that has been applied by some so-called guru to skiing who more often than not probably hasn’t probably even been on a mountain let alone ski down one….

Forget about standing on one foot and shoulder pressing a dumbbell, or standing on a Bosu ball while someone throws you a medicine ball…or even better yet makes you squat on it because it’s functional after all…isn’t it?

Well, you can leave that to the circus performers, and the entertainers. Let’s take a quick look at the sport of skiing since that’s what we’re here for.

What does your body need to do, and have, in order for your ski season to be better than the previous?

The Needs

• Aerobic Capacity and Power
• Anaerobic Capacity and Power
• Unilateral and Bilateral Strength
• Explosive Strength Endurance
• Re-active ability
• Flexibility
• Dynamic Balance

Ok so what does all this mean?

It means that the spin classes and some running honestly don’t cut it. Don’t get me wrong they are far better than nothing, but to have your body tuned in for the dynamic nature of skiing they come up well short. Also trying to exercise 2 weeks before you go, is just kidding yourself.

At KX we train scientifically and with progression so when you hit the slopes your body will be able to work effectively. You will feel stronger, more explosive, and be able to ski longer and harder than you ever have before.

Forget about going in early because you legs are tired, you’ll be the person convincing everyone to keep going and the first up in the morning feeling ready to do it all over again*!

So where do you start?

That’s what I’ll run through next time … until then start planning your trip, because you’ll need to know when to aim for!

*Even we can’t affect your tolerance for Apres Ski, that is another form of training altogether!

Jason is KX’s Advanced Personal Trainer, with extensive experience bringing the required knowledge for client to succeed! Of New Zealand roots, Jason’s specialties include ski & snowboard related training, postural correction, lower back rehabilitation and active release therapy.
• KX Advanced PT
o General Fitness
o Ski/snowboard Specific
o Postural Correction and Lower Back Rehabilitation
o Active Release Therapy


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