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Understanding the Traditions of Acupuncture: What Can It Do For You?

Patients I meet for the first time may have understandable curiosity, or trepidation about acupuncture since it comes from a culture and ideology vastly different to that of western medicine. I believe it is important that any good holistic practitioner should not only treat the patient’s condition but offer insight into the philosophy behind the therapy.

Traditional acupuncture is based on ancient principles originating over two thousand years ago. These maintain that pain and illness occur when the body’s qi or vital energy cannot flow freely due to blockages arising from negative factors. These are signs that the body is out of balance. Reasons may lie in emotional, physical, injury, infection or nutritional factors all seen as interdependent and interrelated rather than separate. By inserting ultra fine needles in specific acupuncture points along the body’s meridians or energy channels, the flow of qi can be restored to allow powerful healing forces within the patient’s own body to begin working.

Each patient is unique and my focus will be on that individual rather than their condition. I add my own well honed observations to special diagnostic techniques when we have our first thorough case taking discussion. Quite possibly, two patients with the same western diagnosis will receive two very different treatment plans including dietary and lifestyle counseling. I explain what and how many treatments the patient needs, (apparently this is rare!) how it works, and why they have the symptoms they do.

Many practitioners treat only symptoms without looking in depth for underlying causes achieving less satisfying results for their patients. In the UK, most people think all practitioners are the same and are unaware that a very limited number of acupuncturists have trained for up to seven years at a specialist Chinese University in proper TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory.

Acupuncture has proved happily effective in my treating many disorders such as; muscular/joint pain, digestive, male (androgynous), fertility and stress-related problems. I also specialize in difficult conditions like cancer treatment effects, or Multiple Sclerosis.

Although acupuncture is rooted in tradition, I believe in adaptation and integration whenever modern knowledge can be usefully incorporated.

Dr. Dapeng is a Chinese Medicine specialist and acupuncturist, qualified via the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Having worked in the UK for ten years, developing a number of specialist techniques, his treatments release and restore the body’s energy channels from the effects of blockage, resulting in the reduction of stress-induced conditions and resolution of pain, male and female infertility, distress and digestive problems.
• Chinese Medicine Specialist
• Qualified and Accredited Acupuncturist
• Specialisms in Facial Acupuncture

Health, Treatment, Acupuncture

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