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Visceral Osteopathy for Recurring Cystitis

Recurrent cystitis has become a very current issue with many sufferers focusing upon tackling the issue symptomatically, hence allowing the issue to come back again and again.

As discussed in my initial piece on Visceral Osteopathy, an organs function is linked to its attachments and its relations to its close environment.

In the case of recurring cystitis, which formulates within the bladder organ, you should know that the bladder is a very soft, hollow organ and that it’s size changes drastically depending on its urine content. It has attachments in the lower pelvis, and relates very closely with the pelvic floor muscles.

Most lower limb (legs) joint dysfunction and muscle imbalance will have a mechanical impact on the tension of the pelvi-trochanteric muscles (deep buttock muscles), which are also linked to the pelvic floor muscles.
That’s our connection from the legs to the bladder.

Now imagine a severe sprained ankle that hasn’t properly healed. Your ankle feels better, but it is stiff, sometimes painful, simply not like the other one.

This is the sign of a “somatic dysfunction”, a restriction in your ankle leading to a muscle chain contraction in your leg that can eventually make its way up to your pelvis and finally create a pull on your bladder. As a result you might have residual urine, meaning you can’t empty your bladder totally every time and this could lead to cystitis!

Once again by identifying the cause of the problem e.g: a previous trauma to your ankle, we can follow up the chain of events that leads to a visceral problem.

In making these links, we can start looking at the big picture and tackle the issue at each level. From this, the cause of the stress can be reduced and by tackling it’s visceral origin we give you a chance to resolve the problem for good.

Boniface is a French registered osteopath who graduated from the European School of Osteopathy. Boniface works closely with the KX personal training and therapist team and continues to develop his different fields of expertise in Integrated Osteopathy, Sports Injuries, Pregnancy Care and New Born Care (Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy).
• Integrated Osteopathy
• Structural Techniques
• Visceral Osteopathy
• Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy
• Sports Injuries
The cost of an initial 60 min appointment with Boniface is £120.

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