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Walkabout Foundation: Walking For Those Who Can't

4:53 pm is usually a time to start packing up to go home after a long day’s work, but just 21 months ago, on January 12th 2010, 4:53 pm meant that men and women would be running out of their homes and offices for their lives, as one of the most devastating earthquakes, ever recorded, shook Haiti.

An estimated 600,000 people in Haiti need wheelchairs. Not all of the need is from the quake, but a vast majority is. Spinal cord injuries and amputations make up the bulk of the noticeable injuries from the quake, but there are the psychosocial factors that come with it too.

Walkabout Foundation was founded by KX member, Carolina Gonzalez_Bunster in 2009, with the hopes of one day finding a cure for her paralyzed brother Luis, but also to donate wheelchairs to those in need across the world. The Foundation’s most recent commitment is a gift of 10,000 wheelchairs to Haiti over the next five years. Included in that donation will be the construction of an assembly shop, where a number of disabled men AND women will be employed. The shop will serve as a center for repairs and provision of chairs, but the shop will quickly turn into a support center for those dealing with the social pressures of being disabled.

Walkabout Foundation doesn’t expect to solve every problem, but we know that by providing a wheelchair to someone who could otherwise never ambulate him or herself, we empower his/her progress towards integration back into the community. We also know that providing quality wheelchairs that are adjustable and bespoke to each and every recipient is something that very few charities do, and something that we will always fight for. It’s not just giving a chair, it’s giving a chair that fits the needs of the user, and adapts to the environment the individual is using it in.

So how can you help? Here’s a math problem that might be useful. 10,000 chairs at 200 pounds each, equals 2 million pounds over the next five years. Our mission to “walk for those who can’t” provides us with a fundraising platform that can involve all who are interested, simply come walk with us and if you bring 200 pounds (or more) with you to the walk, you can directly change an individual’s life.

Our annual walkabout will take place this year on Saturday, October 27th in Regent’s Park at 10:00 am. Come join us for LONDON WALKABOUT 2012: WALK ON THE WILD SIDE, a 5K Halloween costumed walk around one of London’s most beautiful parks. The walk is free for all to join so bring your children, pets, friends, and family and come in your spookiest and wildest costume and automatically enter to win a free weekend stay at Hotel Cipriani in Venice. What better way to spend Halloween than to get dressed up, be active, and do good at the same time?!

The first 600 participants will receive a free goody bag with gifts from our sponsors, KX, Net-A-Porter, Lola’s Cupcakes, ASDA, Upcakes, StayDry Rainwear, and Jax Coco. To register, please email

You can instantly give someone mobility, just as quickly as the earthquake at 4:53 took it away, so join us on October 27th and “walk for those who can’t.”

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