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Audley Harrison: Too Old To Learn Something New?

Last weekend saw the knockout of British heavyweight Audley Harrison by America’s Deontay Wilder in the first round. After contemplating it yet again, Harrison today announced his retirement from Professional Boxing.

Was Harrison not fit? Was he holding any injuries? Or was the age gap simply too much (Harrison’s 41 to Wilders 27)?

As a matter of fact Harrison was in great shape. He was quoted as saying he felt sharp and comfortable, so does it raise the question of knowing when to stop competing at such a high level?

Harrison wanted to continue but is it possible that his body couldn’t respond due to years of training and age?

On the flip side, Bernard Hopkins, at the age of 48, has beaten his own world record recently as the oldest man to win a world championship in 2011 at the age of 45! Hopkins understands how to recover and train according to his age and abilities. He has been smart. He changed his training regime and boxing style to suit his age over the years.

Listening to your body and changing your training programme for recovery and performance can massively help how long you can train for at a high or intense level as you get older. Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather have shown that, by sometimes only fighting once or twice a year, they still enables themselves to perform and train at the highest level regardless of age and old injuries.

Know when to slow down, rest, recover, as you get older, adapting your training to your goals whether it be for competition or just training at your gym.

Listen to your body more – it is KEY!

Dave hails from London and is head ABA Boxing Coach at Rosehill Amateur Boxing Club and at the Fight for Peace Academy, where he also educates the youth squad about all aspects of strength & conditioning.
Dave is passionate about training all boxing enthusiasts & fighters. He applies the fundamentals of boxing: footwork, agility, balance and technique along with honing the fitness and conditioning needed for the sport. Dave constantly works at furthering his knowledge and brings his complete boxing package to his personal training and class sessions.
He is a reps level 3 PT, Level 2 ABA, Level 1 Padbox, Level 1 UKSCA, Level 3 AIQ PTTLS & is currently working towards becoming a Senior ABA Coach.
“When you step into the gym you should be prepared to give 100%.You will only get out of your workout what you put in!”

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