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Body Rejuvenation through the Magic of Acupuncture.

Today both women and men are increasingly seeking facial rejuvenation and defence against signs of aging but I find that those who I meet at my clinics reflect the general case that people think much less about how this might relate to rebalancing and restoring energy to keep their bodies rejuvenated, detoxified and existing happily in a balanced state (homeostasis).

Many people work hard to keep their bodies in a youthful shape. I applaud as this a positive and intelligent step towards maintaining health and longevity. However, patients often still report feeling tired and short of energy, unable to enjoy deep restorative sleep, (menopausal women may suffer more particularly) poor digestion and low libido. The negativity which pervades their physical wellbeing then begins to affect then their emotional health compounding the normal worries we all have about growing older.

There are, in my opinion, definite cycles within the lifetime of the human’s body which affect us in different ways. These should be seen as positive times when we can embrace changes without apprehension because we have understood and taken apart the reasons why some people age well and others do not. Seeking insightful natural solutions can be a hugely effective weapon to have in your armoury. Spending time gaining fitness activates the blood flow, but then energy must also be restored and rebalanced to utilise this fully.

Acupuncture is one of the best natural treatments available to help people restore and retain energy and unblock congested Qi. “Fringe” benefits from the stimulation of self healing processes include such features as the bi directional capacity of energy medicine to regulate hypertension and hypotension towards normalisation or encouraging sufficient gastric secretions thereby preventing age related digestive tract problems and encouraging efficient elimination of waste.

Using traditional techniques combined with wide ranging natural healing knowledge and skill, I have created a Signature Body Rejuvenation treatment, which includes acupuncture, acupressure, cupping with moxa therapy to free the energy flow (Qi) along the body’s meridians. I’m happy to say that, following completion of the whole treatment, people report feeling significantly energised, uplifted, cleansed with the bonus of radiant, age resilient skin.

Dr. Dapeng is a Chinese Medicine specialist and acupuncturist, qualified via the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Having worked in the UK for ten years, developing a number of specialist techniques, his treatments release and restore the body’s energy channels from the effects of blockage, resulting in the reduction of stress-induced conditions and resolution of pain, male and female infertility, distress and digestive problems.
• Chinese Medicine Specialist
• Qualified and Accredited Acupuncturist
• Specialisms in Facial Acupuncture


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