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Boxing is exercise - but not as we know it

‘‘Boxing’‘ is exercise – but not as we know it. Not only was I lucky enough to be based in New York in the early 90’s, I was also lucky enough to be around the birth of the ‘boxercise’ pandemic. Boxercise was about to knock out the world of exercise as we know it. It seemed funny to me to be standing in the same ring where Jake la Motta stood in 50 years earlier, to now be sharing that same space with the New York art director of Chanel.

Boxercise sees individuals being put through their paces with what we now consider to be the ultimate full body workout. At the birth of KX, ten years ago, I was asked to run the boxing section. I certainly agreed immediately, but with one provision – that I could veer away from the traditional boxercise and inject some of my own proper boxing/ street techniques into the pot.

I firmly believe that what we have at KX, still to this day, is a unique workout. A workout that is rare to find anywhere else, combining cardio, and true boxing technique in the ‘old school’ style. I strongly disapprove of the gym corporate training structures, whereby staff are expected to train members to a given set of rules and work principles. At KX, we believe everybody is an individual with individual needs.

The KX staff inject a particular style and personality into their workouts, making them individual, informative, professional yet fun. The KX way of teaching is unique. You won’t find it, because no one else is doing it, anywhere else.

This unique workout system relieves stress and tension, let’s you feel good and also a little edgy. Get confident, lose weight, tone and look good.

If you are thinking of taking boxing exercises home though, we would certainly have to keep it old school, I’m talking a good old fashion run to the heath, followed by some close grip and wide grip press ups to incorporate some lower and upper abdominal crunches, with some burpees thrown in for good measure. I actually adhere to these myself if I can’t get to the gym – and it always works for me!

Scott has been a boxing and kickboxing coach, class teacher and personal trainer for 15 years. During that time he has taken his students to championship levels, with one of his students winning 6 national titles. Scott was Instrumental in the training of KX’s personal trainers Carlos Andrade and Mati Parks and helped them reach their European and World titles.
Scott’s own training was based at London’s famous boxing gym, St Pancras (The Kronk) where he boxed under the tutelage of Emanuel Stuart for many years. He also went to the world famous Gleason’s gym in New York to train and learn his coaching skills. In doing so he was entered into the “Golden Gloves” British entry and won the bronze standard. He is an ABA Boxing coach and GFKO Black Belt Teacher & Trainer.

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