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4 months away from my ‘Big Day’ but I began planning the preparation I’d need put in to making sure I look my best. Having done the KX detox before I knew what an impact nutrition has on your skin but what about the skin itself?! As KX have some of the most sought after practitioners and I was seeking expert advice myself, I booked in for consultations with Dr Kersh and Malvina.

First up was Dr Kersh who was friendly and knowledgable but also measured in her approach to exploring treatments. I always feel the practitioners who err on the side of caution when it comes to your face are the ones you want to be working with. In our 20 minute complimentary consultation we discussed Botox, fillers and Dermapen treatments going over the procedures themselves and likely results. Bearing in mind my timeframe (4 months) Dr Kersh advised against fillers but felt the Dermapen treatment and botox would ensure my skin was in top form for the day. We even spoke about Cool Sculpt which I would go on to have with Dimple.

Next up was Malvina who I knew as a secret weapon to some of the most beautiful faces in the world. With years of experience and an epinymous skincare range I knew she would be a font of knowledge when it came to sorting out my ‘problem’ skin. Though we had a 20 minute consultation I’m sure she sussed out my skincare needs in the first 5 minutes…we talked about previous treatments I’d had with cosmetic dermatologists here and in LA as well as how I wanted to look in 4 months time. There was no way around it, chemical peels were the order of the day but she did ask about the neckline of my dress so we could factor in decoletage treatments…Malvina doesn’t miss a thing! She did say that starting well before the wedding date was the best approach as it gives everyone plenty of time to make sure the treatments work together and my skin has time to really improve.

After my two consultations I had a firm plan in place and my appointments booked with two talented practitioners who I knew would having me looking the best possible version of myself on the day. KX really is able to offer the very best all under one roof.

Jadis joined Oakley Capital as Group Digital Director in April 2014 following her role as an advisor to the group. From outdoor events for 65,000+ in Central London, to an industry award winning Facebook first that broke new ground in live content marketing through a celebrity fronted broadcast, Jadis has experienced all aspects of in the marketing mix over her 15 year career. Jadis has been a trusted strategist and trusted advisor to celebrities, luxury brands, media outlets, producers and charities. Jadis’ no nonsense approach has made her a regular speaker at industry conferences globally. She is also a TV pundit and guest lecturer at leading UK universities. Jadis pays for all treatments personally.

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