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Celebrating 10 Years with a Fresh Start

2012 marks the 10 year anniversary of KX and as part of marking this milestone we committed ourselves to offering our members even more through a new website and growing social media profiles. Wherever you are in the world, whatever devices you might be using, we want to be there to support you.

I personally feel truly privileged to be a part of the KX organisation and want to thank not only the team of staff, but also the members for their patronage and dedication over the past decade. I believe we have established a sense of community at KX. Our wonderful staff see being a part of KX as more than ‘just a job’ which is demonstrated by an average length of service of 7.5 years. Quite an achievement in the health and fitness sector.

We see working with our members as a privilege so we take the time to listen and talk to them about what they would like to see at KX. We do this on a daily basis face to face but now we’re taking the conversation online to reflect the needs of our clients. It was through conversations with our members about booking systems, like those at SoulCycle in The Hamptons and New York, which brought our attention to offering more digital extensions of our services.

Our previous website was not meeting member needs so we invested in updating it while simultaneously launching ourselves into the world of social media. The new website will feature in-depth blog posts from our staff while the social media profiles offer bite sized tips and inspiration. We want our members to have all the information they need at their fingertips 24/7 wherever they might be. Our members deserve the very best and we are committed to evolving to meet these needs.

Respect for our members is paramount and it is your feedback that shapes not only the club but the KX community. I would encourage you to engage with us through our social profiles just as you would do at the club sharing with us your wants and needs from KX. I know I speak for all the team when I say that we see working with our members as a privilege. We know you are just as passionate about KX as we are.

I am thrilled we are celebrating our 10th anniversary at KX by launching a new website and social profiles which more clearly reflect that KX is a lifestyle, not just a club.

Australian born Managing Director James has an extensive competitive sporting background in swimming, tennis and horse racing. James moved to London in 1998 to pursue his career in the health, fitness and wellness industry. James begun at KX in 2003 after managing the Broadgate Club for Holmes Place Plc.

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