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Colon Hydrotherapy & the Detox Connection

Everybody has a general idea of what the word detox means. For most of us it conjures up thoughts of changes in our diet, which normally means eliminating things such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, saturated fats and red meat, etc.

Other forms of detox that people often think of are cleansing programs like juice fasting. Dietary eliminations and juice
only days are fantastic ways to help eliminate toxic build up from a body but often are found rather difficult by some people especially when time off work to do such a cleanse is not possible.

One of the most effective, safest and immediate forms of helping to reduce toxicity within a body is colon hydrotherapy. The detox effect is triggered when a colon is stimulated with the gentle filling of water which helps to initiate muscular contraction in the colon wall. This allows the colon to eliminate material that may have been sitting in the colon for days or potentially weeks. Some of this debris is very small, whether it be faecal or food matter.

If it is not released from the body every 24 hours then it has the potential to start putrefying and passing toxins through the wall of colon and into the blood stream, which is then directed back to the liver and eventually out to all other major organs.

When colon hydrotherapy is administered it not only removes large bowel movements but also the previously mentioned debris. The process of where toxins are fed back into body is called autointoxication. This absorption of toxic waste affects us both mentally and physically with signs of low energy, lack of concentration and memory, disturbed sleep and even poor skin.

Reducing autointoxication improves any symptoms that
may be related to this process and colon hydrotherapy is often regarded as the number one treatment to do so in a short space of time. A single session can have dramatic benefits but three treatments will help to improve overall health and vitality much more with longer lasting results.

David developed his career in Colon Hydrotherapy through the European School of Colon Hydrotherapy. Having worked with various clinics within London, including Harley Street, he has built a large client base that has stayed faithful to his professional ability, making him one of the best known therapists in his field of work, frequently listed in the top 100 complimentary practitioners in London.
• Compliementary Medicine Specialist
• Colon Hydrotherapist
• Qualified remedial therapist

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