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Colon Hydrotherapy: The Inner Connection

Most people have said that they went with their gut feeling about something at some point in life. Colon Hydrotherapists understand why this might be said by so many.

The Colon is the most important eliminative organ in the body and over time we all accumulate a build up of toxins. Even though one might try their best to be healthy it is just not possible to stay completely toxin free in this day and age. A short series of Colon Hydrotherapy sessions can help reduce the level of toxins dramatically.

Unknown to many people outside of the world of Colonics, the organ itself has a link to all other body parts. In the 19th century extensive surgical work was carried out by surgeons, who believed that the Colon may have the answer to overall health and wellbeing. Over the years as the work was carried out with various conditions, surgeons realised that by removing a small section of the Colon certain symptoms would decrease or disappear altogether. This remarkable discovery allowed the Doctors to formulate a chart for the Colon, which showed every sections relation to the rest of the body. The information gathered only confirmed what had been spoken of for centuries and of course this would enable practitioners to realise the importance of a healthy working digestive system before true healing from illness could take place.

From these past studies and research we can see that the Colon truly is of great importance and significance to our health both mentally and physically. Colonics help to restore a better level of the essential bacteria, reduce toxic overload and educates the Colon for improved function. The better we eliminate the less chance we have of toxic levels rising to a point that may cause ill health in other parts of the body.

David developed his career in Colon Hydrotherapy through the European School of Colon Hydrotherapy. Having worked with various clinics within London, including Harley Street, he has built a large client base that has stayed faithful to his professional ability, making him one of the best known therapists in his field of work, frequently listed in the top 100 complimentary practitioners in London.
• Complementary Medicine Specialist
• Colon Hydrotherapist
• Qualified remedial therapist

Colon Hydrotherapy, Treatment, Detox

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