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Member Dominic Jude used our lifestyle assessments and bespoke packages to achieve his goals, including successfully climbing mount Everest.

Here is his story:

I have been a member at KX Gym since 2010. I joined as I had wanted some additional support before I attempted to climb Everest in May 2011. Having been climbing all over the world since I was a teenager I knew the extreme challenges my body would face spending 3 months in sub-zero temperatures with the debilitating effects of altitude sickness as well as the physical toll on your body. I needed that additional level of support which KX responded to with vigour.

I met with Gideon and other members of the team and they devised a bespoke plan to help me build my muscle mass, needless to say without the support of KX I wouldn’t have reached my lifetime dream of summiting and getting down safely in May 2011!

Subsequently, I have worked with KX on all aspects of my fitness/health and wellbeing, having certain specific achievable goals (I need to be goal driven!) the important aspect for me is having the triangular effect of Personal Trainer, Physio, and Nutritionist. This is then all brought together in a quarterly meeting where the above is monitored, as well as a refocusing and refreshed approached re-tweaking to suit your individual requirements. In particular I have worked on my techniques in the gym to make sure that I am executing the exercises correctly, the classes that are available to members allow some one on one tuition to allow you to fine tune this, and I find this invaluable.

I would also comment that Glen Matten who has worked with me on the nutrition has been invaluable. As someone who enjoys training, Glen has educated me that “You can’t out train a bad diet”! Needless to say Glen and the rest of the team have brought my body fat composition down from 18.7% to 8.5% whilst actually building my muscle mass. And I might add I am not 21 anymore!

- Dominic Jude

To book your free assessment, contact Gideon Remfry, Health and Fitness Manager at

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