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Introducing Coolsculpting

Not feeling like yourself recently? Trying to hide all those unwanted bulges? No amount of sit ups or salads in the world are helping you to shift that stubborn fat?

Let’s take a moment to say thanks to Harvard Scientists – they have invented something that will..

A medically cleared treatment that targets, cools and eliminates fat cells without causing trauma to the skin tissue!

How? Coolsculpting. With this revolutionary treatment, the body breaks down crystallized fat cells which are then naturally eliminated. Coolsculpting is a non-surgical procedure which is both safe and FDA approved with little to no down time.

So how does it work?
 It permanently destroys fat cells using cold energy 
- the machine draws up the fat in a devise using a strong suction
- the cooling plates in the devise are then activated to freeze the fat cells at the right temperature, which is necessary to kill fat without harming skin, nerves, blood vessels etc.

Treatment time per area is 1 hour. Fat cells can not be grown back and so the treatment will give you permanent results destroying up to 20% of fat cells per treatment.

Over 230,000 treatments have now been performed worldwide.

 The technology behind Coolsculpting was simply discovered from observing the fact that children who ate lot’s of ice lollies had dimpling in their cheeks from loss of fat because of the cold.

Process after Coolsculpting treatments, between 1-4 months:

1) cellular breakdown apoptosis (natural cell death)
2) macrophages (foreign cells/particles) leave treated area through the lymphatic system
3) to the liver via the thoracic duct (largest lymphatic vessel in the body) then blood stream
4) macrophages travel through the bloodstream and to the liver where they are processed and used for energy.

Maintain a healthy diet and exercise to stabilise your weight to achieve long term results.

Coolsculpting is available at the KX Spa, and is a life changing treatment and has changed both my body and my confidence. I would strongly encourage anyone who is unhappy about unwanted bulges to give it ago..

Minu is a fully qualified beauty therapist with over ten years experience in the industry. Minu is in high demand for her expert-advise when delivering medical facials, velashape II cellulite and circumference reduction and coolsculpting permanent fat removal body treatments. Minu has a deep personal understanding of the treatments and a continual interest in researching the ever-changing equipment and products on offer in the aesthetic industry.
• Beauty Therapist
• Specialist in IPL, threading & hair removal
• Expertise in medical facials & fat reduction treatments.

Treatment, Body Contouring, Coolsculpt

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