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Diary of a KX Detoxer | Jadis | Day Five

I am not an early riser by nature. I am especially not an early riser on weekends but today I was up early and feeling oddly awake this morning to make my way to KX for my detox package. The day’s food in hand, a walk through Hyde Park en route to Liberty to add to my ever expanding collection of Helmut Lang blazers and see what baubles in the jewellery hall would prove to good to pass up was an eye opener. So many people were cycling, running, walking, skateboarding and riding in the morning sunshine it reinforced my commitment post-detox to using my weekends to get active outdoors this summer. It really is leafier ‘down south’ which has given me more parks to explore as I get acquainted with my new area having lived excessively in North London after relocating from Canada.

My walk into the West End was also to fulfil another recommended element of the detox process. Whilst I was initially hesitant about sharing this treatment, I do very much believe in its benefit so in for a penny, in for a pound as they say. Maintaining Digestive health is important to overall wellbeing as it has a direct link to your immune system. Colonic Hydrotherapy helps the digestive system remove toxins and help ensure it’s functioning well. David at KX is a top practitioner but as I have my own colonic hydrotherapist on Harley Street I opted to see her for my treatment. The treatment was quick, pain free and another tick in the box for ensuring I’m making the most of the opportunity to really detox my system.

The KX detox naturally echoes the ethos of the club taking a very integrated approach across fitness, nutrition and complementary therapies. My experience with Manual Lymphatic Drainage [link to day 3] as well as the new approach to fitness which is focused supporting rather than challenging the body have worked in tandem with the nutrition programme to ensure I’m really resetting my entire system. That’s precisely what I was hoping for from a detox experience (link to day 1) I’m so glad I opted for the KX detox over others.

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