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Diary of a KX Detoxer | Jadis | Day Four

It’s all change on detox day 4! Today my calories increase and I’m swapping the green juices for another meal. I had to double check with the restaurant when they handed me my package for today as it seemed like they might have put in a bit extra into the carrier bags. Everything was in order, but just as quickly as I adjusted to the first part of the cleanse, I’m going to need to adjust to the second phase which focuses on renewal. I had to avoid over excitement about the extra food and remember to stick to the approach of mindful eating by taking my time with the meals not just devour them.

It was a surprise to see such vibrant red for my juices today. The first was a blend including beetroot juice which I know isn’t everyones favourite vegetable but I’m certainly a fan. I was also excited to see a berry smoothie as the detox has very much been focused on protein, vegetables and grains so far. It’s nice to have a bit of fruit in the plan as a contrast in flavour.

The skill of the KX Chef’s have been proven over the course of the detox. The simplified menu meant no hiding behind sauces or extra seasoning. The ingredients had to be of the highest quality and prepared so that they’d be at their best after I reheated them at the office. These were take-away meals with a difference and I’ll never look at a Pret-A-Manger Salad the same again. Today’s quinoa salad with asparagus and avocado is delicious.

Another round of the cycling and sauna combo today left me feeling energised. The odd looks I get when using the sauna fully clothed haven’t abated but it does provide me an opportunity to talk about the detox, a journey I’m sharing across social media as well.

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