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Diary of a KX Detoxer | Jadis | Day Seven

Detox Diary Day 7

It’s the final day of the detox and I’m feeling great! I have so much more energy, clarity and focus. Both men and women have commented on my ‘glowing’ skin reminding me that beauty really DOES come from the inside out. The detox has be chock full of the freshest ingredients and I’ve more than met my ’5 a day’ which is clearly paying off. Whilst weight loss was not my goal, my trousers are definitely looser and I’m curious to see what my measurements will be tomorrow.

The restaurant team really saved the best for last and my meals today are delicious. The sesame spinach and grilled octopus salad for lunch were a revelation in flavour. Of course I’d tasted both dishes before, but the simplicity of the preparation that still delivered or tasted showed the skill of the chefs (link to day 6 post) yet again! I have no idea how the they managed to get the Chicken Paillard so thin but my main at dinner was a delightful way to end the programme. Though I love cooking I’m certainly not looking forward to giving up the perfectly crafted meals coming from the KX kitchen every day!

In a rush to get out the door in the morning I left my trainers so unfortunately couldn’t do my final cycling and sauna combo at KX. Instead I headed home and took a long walk around the parks of South London with my boyfriend Simon, which come to think of it, was a fitting end to the past 7 days. On Day 1 I walked around One Tree Hill (link to Day 2 post) and found it tough as my body was doing it’s utmost to adjust to the lower calories and cleanse focused food of the first stage. A week on and I’m feeling full of energy tackling the terrain with ease. My body has clearly had the re-set I was after when I began this journey a week ago.

Jadis joined Oakley Capital as Group Digital Director in April 2014 following her role as an advisor to the group. From outdoor events for 65,000+ in Central London, to an industry award winning Facebook first that broke new ground in live content marketing through a celebrity fronted broadcast, Jadis has experienced all aspects of in the marketing mix over her 15 year career. Jadis has been a trusted strategist and trusted advisor to celebrities, luxury brands, media outlets, producers and charities. Jadis’ no nonsense approach has made her a regular speaker at industry conferences globally. She is also a TV pundit and guest lecturer at leading UK universities. Jadis paid for her detox and all additional treatments personally.

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