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Diary of a KX Detoxer | Jadis | Day Six

This morning was spent at KX completing another cardio and sauna session following my morning juice. My partner Simon came with me and I got a bit of a laugh hearing his first impressions of KX. When he’s in the country works with a former KX trainer at home 3 days a week which is mostly done outdoors or in our own small gym. During our walk around KX, he noted the bespoke weights and the functional training rig with great enthusiasm which I invited him to try but he opted for a relaxed breakfast in the restaurant and coffee in the club room instead. It reminded me how very different KX is from other clubs ; it was the first of it’s kind in London and remains at the very top of it’s game.

Following our leisurely morning at KX and needing a quick haircut before our holiday, we visited our friends Jamie McCormick and Jose Bass who happen to be a beauty power duo working on endless editorials, campaigns for the likes of Reiss, M&S and Harrods as well as talent including Misca Barton, Abbey Clancey and Rosario Dawson. Jamie gave us both a much needed trim while Jose talked me through the newest skincare and make-up essentials to take on holiday. It’s such a privilege to be able to bypass a salon and work with the best in the beauty business!

As I’m nearing the end of my 7 day detox programme I’m naturally thinking of how to keep up the good work in the days afterward. KX do have a 21 day post detox support programme but as I’m off on holiday to the US/Canada I’ll focus on making the right food choices, staying active and indulging a little (it is a holiday after all) until I can get back in the gym properly. I want to make the most of this re-set to my system so I don’t wind up in the sluggish state that prompted the detox in the first place. Good health is your greatest asset.

Jadis joined Oakley Capital as Group Digital Director in April 2014 following her role as an advisor to the group. From outdoor events for 65,000+ in Central London, to an industry award winning Facebook first that broke new ground in live content marketing through a celebrity fronted broadcast, Jadis has experienced all aspects of in the marketing mix over her 15 year career. Jadis has been a trusted strategist and trusted advisor to celebrities, luxury brands, media outlets, producers and charities. Jadis’ no nonsense approach has made her a regular speaker at industry conferences globally. She is also a TV pundit and guest lecturer at leading UK universities. Jadis paid for her detox and all additional treatments personally.

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