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Diary of a KX Detoxer | James

James – 7 Day Detox Results:
Weigh loss 1.9kg
Fat loss 2.9%
BMI 0.6 decrease in BMI score to 22.9

James’ KX Detox Diary:

Day 1

Was pre-framed and ready to start with my first shake at 07:30 this morning with second at 13:15 by which time my stomach was grumbling. Oh forgot to mention that I found out I could have a coffee so did so at 09:00ish – savoured every sip!

3pm Gideon took my starting measurement and then I had my PT session with Travis – all good and feeling great at this stage, very content and excited about successfully completing the cleanse.

Third and final shake for the day at 16:15 – taste amazing, very refreshing and to be honest energising.

Taking dinner, turkey cob salad home with me to enjoy before the deadline of 7pm

Love my job! Thanks to all involved in this program, I won’t let you down

Day 2

Pleased to report that I woke up at the usual circa 05:45 with plenty of energy and I’m looking forward to the first of three shakes of the day.

First shake at 07:27 – again so fresh and delicious but not a lot to fill my belly. Americano coffee ordered – love it!

Second shake down at 1pm and good to go with third and final shake drunk at 4.30 before the piece de resistance at 18.30 Yum – and day 2 done!

Day 3

Up and at ‘em again this morning, but didn’t get to have my first shake until just after 9am which I was dying for by the time I inhaled it.

In meetings off-site until 2nd shake downed at 12:30 – a couple members commenting on my skin and whites of my eyes

A good PT session with MAT expert Travis Allan at 3pm with third and final shake for the day at 16:30 – so good!

Meal of the day 17:45 – delicious

Day 3 done! Bring on 4!

Day 4

No problem getting up and going but feeling somewhat weak; beginning phase 2 today (x2 shakes and x2 meals) first red shake inhaled at 07:15 – taste good (but I think anything would at this stage.)

Lunch meal scheduled for 12:15 – looking forward to some more solids – lunch consisted of cauliflower soup and a massive green cobb salad plus a small bowl of seasoned quinoa; so much I couldn’t eat it all but again delicious.

Gorgeous deep red smoothie at 16:15 with dinner at 18:30 – perfectly balanced textures and flavours.
Day 4 done!

Day 5

Woke around the usual 05:45, feeling well rested and energised; had my red shake as soon as it was delivered then took my lunch (grilled asparagus, leaks and potatoes with turkey stracchett plus cherry tomatoes) with me to have while I was out and about.

I had the delicious deep red smoothie when I got back home around 5pm and again took my dinner which consisted of chopped salad with steamed sea bream, red pepper and a mixed salad, with me to a tragic Eurovision party but my pre-prepared meal was scrumptious and very filling as all of the meals have been.

Slept like a baby again.

Day 6

The days F&B package was again conveniently delivered at 08:30 on the dot at which point I drank the detox juice.

I loved the lunch starter of spicy vegetable soup followed by a main of a large turkey breast with steamed potatoes and a mustard dressing.

Took my afternoon red smoothie and dinner (grilled dover sole fish, broccoli with garlic & chilli plus some cherry tomatoes) out with me while catching up with friends in Weybridge. Loving the convenience of KX on-the-go!

KX – Makes life easier!

Day 7Monday – Final day of the 7 day detox cleanse

At work by 7:15 and first shake downed by 07:25

Loved the lunch starter of steamed salmon on a bed of sesame spinach followed by the main which is one of my all-time favourites of the grilled octopus salad – delicious!

Afternoon tea of final blood red smoothie with a dinner, starter of a chopped salad, but with quinoa instead of the usual wild rice. Main dinner: dish of a chicken wrap with spinach.

Feeling great and very pleased with myself for completing the 7 days.

Signing off with another deep sleep.


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