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Diary of a KX Detoxer | Kathleen Baird-Murray | Part One

Can you do the KX detox if you’re vegetarian?

Beauty director Kathleen Baird-Murray puts our first plant-based (and some eggs) detox to the test and discovers you can!

Day One: Friday:

I wasn’t disappointed by my first (and only) meal of the day, a tofu stir fry – much to my surprise. Normally my heart sinks when I see “tofu” on a menu – it tastes like I imagine shoe-insoles would, but this was char-grilled, all I had to do was warm it all up, the texture was firm, full of flavour and there was plenty to eat so I didn’t feel deprived. The broccoli soup (you can have this as a starter, a side, or earlier in the day if you’re hungry) was creamy, fresh and delicious.

This plus 3 green juices was today’s intake, they’re packed with numerous active ingredients including kale, lovage, watercress, parsley, and matcha green tea and are very good at starting the detox process, being full of phytonutrients which trigger the cells of the body to rejuvenate and renew themselves.

Friday is my day out of the office; I had a lot of driving to do, so while I missed my usual petrol-station snacks (Hula Hoops! Coffee! What’s not to like?) having a drink with a straw and not being near a kitchen/cafe/vending machine wasn’t such a bad option.

Day Two: Saturday

A working lunch in the garden, I sat outside in the sunshine and enjoyed a delicious sweet potato and leek soup. Left to my own devices I’d have had another bowlful as it was so delicious. (Note to self: Portion control! That’s what I need to learn) But it was heavenly.

The main meal of the day was quinoa and avocado salad with buckwheat. If you’re vegetarian, you come across quinoa with alarming regularity as it’s a protein that feels like a carb – which is obviously a win-win situation. Leaves – I think lamb’s lettuce – gave it a refreshing, slightly bitter quality.

Day Three: Sunday
A starter of ‘British racing green soup’, I’m calling it, made from nettles, this wins in the aesthetically pleasing to look at stakes, but my favourite so far was the sweet potato and leek. Nevertheless, the nettle soup wasn’t bad at all, it’s hard to believe anything so good can come from such an annoying plant (how does it annoy me? Invades flower beds, even sheep give it a wide berth). It tastes a little like spinach, delicious.

For mains, the sharp and sweet of the balsamic over softly poached eggs and asparagus tips, with wild rice was h2. really delicious, this is definitely something I’d like to recreate myself.

Kathleen Baird-Murray is the beauty director at Porter magazine, published by Net-A-Porter. She reviewed the detox for her column for the Financial Times Life & Arts section

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