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Exercise to support your KX Detox.

Exercising enhances the benefits of the KX Total Body Detox. However, due to the intensive nature of the Detox, high intensity exercise should not exceed 30 minutes a day, for the first seven days.

We recommend the following classes and exercises during your Detox:


KX Yoga is a mixture of many different styles of yoga, developed by our highly experienced teachers. All classes incorporate stretching, strength, breathing, balance and relaxation.


A mat-based class using the techniques of Joseph Pilates. The Pilates method is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength without building bulk, whilst aligning the body.

Modified resistance training

Modified resistance training uses less lactic energy systems training to promote gains without causing fatigue – this promotes results and is achievable when energy is low.

Sauna CV Therapy

Sauna CV therapy is a combination session of low level cardio conditioning with sauna sessions interspersed. For example, 10 minutes of low level cycling, followed by 10 minutes in the sauna, repeated three times.

FST – Fascial stretch therapy

FST is a unique system of therapy & training that dramatically improves your flexibility by lengthening your fascia. For more information, read our blog post on FST.

Our team of personal trainers will be available to guide you through the best workout programs to enhance the detox process. Or if you just want to rest, relax, and recuperate, our spa facilities offer bespoke massage and other treatments to further boost the detox process.

You will have a program manager to personally set up, individualise and co-ordinate your detox program and provide a single communication point to your expert support team. If you have any questions during your journey through the program, your program manager will be on hand for you and will liaise with our expert nutrition team, chefs and delivery service, offering prompt reply by email or phone to all of your detox queries.

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