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Eyelashes by Justyna | Shelley Watts

It’s unusual for me to leave the house without mascara; I find it almost physically impossible. However, I recently visited Justyna, KX eyelash extension expert and I haven’t worn mascara since.

Justyna starts by walking me through the process, and examining my eyelashes. “I have different lengths, curls and thicknesses depending on your own eyelashes and the look you want to achieve” she informs me. Justyna has rapidly become sort after by many members and has a large celebrity following, due to her attention to detail; Sinitta recently commented “I feel ready for fashion week with my lashes by Justyna”.

Justyna starts by covering my bottom lashes with soft pads to protect them. She then separates my upper lashes into two layers. This is where her technique differs from most eyelash extensionists; she separates your ‘top’ row of upper lashes by gently pinning them to your upper eyelid, she then inserts the first layer of extensions between your natural lash rows, then releases the ‘top’ row and adds a further layer of extensions. This gives a thick, natural, fluttery finish.

Beautiful Lashes in just 1 hour

Justyna uses artificial silk Lash Perfect individual lashes with an EU approved lash glue in black. It’s recommended to have your eyelashes tinted the day before your extensions if your eyelashes are naturally light. As mine are so dark, I didn’t need the tint but it does help to get the darkness right to the root.

After just 1 hour, my new lashes are complete, I feel rested and relaxed after having my eyes closed for the whole hour. Justyna advises using a mascara wand to keep the lashes separate and to avoid using oil based products as this damages the glue.

Losing some of the lashes is normal, as they shed with your natural eyelashes, however, after 3 weeks, I’ve lost very few of my new extensions which is great.

If you want to wear mascara (which is really not needed) Justyna recommends just adding it to the ends rather than right from the root.

So whats the down side?

There is none, so long as the lashes are not too heavy. “There is no damage to your natural lashes if extensions are done lash to lash, with the correct length and thickness” says Justyna.

The lashes usually last between 6 – 8 weeks and you can have them touched up after 2 – 4 weeks.

For more information on KX Eyelash Extensions with Justyna or to book your appointment, please contact the KX Spa on 020 7581 7250 or email

Beautiful Lashes in just 1 hour

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