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Fitness fanatic, green-food-lover and BOOM Cycle Trainer Alice’s all-time favourite quotes is

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.” – Kevin Mark Trudeau.

As we hurtle towards Christmas, check out Alice’s top 3 tips for getting your body looking and feeling its best this Autumn:

1. Eat The Rainbow

Get inspired at the vegetable shop, for an injection of vitamins and fun ensure your lunch box and dinner plate are packed with colourful seasonal vegetables. Get creative – things like cooked sliced beetroot, steamed asparagus, roasted pumpkin, shredded fresh herbs and crunchy broccoli are the most wonderful additions to a meal.

2. Try Something New

London is a hustling, bustling, sexy city with an abundance of amazing things to see and do. New season means new energy and a good time to try something new. Hunt down a new food market, snazzy restaurant, pretty park or gallery. It’s amazing how much fresh energy a new experience will bring you.

3. Think Fast, Act Slow

In the lead up to Christmas most of us are working extra long days, for many people this is the busiest and most productive time of year, but unfortunately also the most stressful. There are some hours in a day and some days in a week where we NEED to think and act fast, but not ALL hours of ALL days and it is important to know when to turn on that switch and when to turn it off! If we can teach ourselves to think fast when we need to and then slow down in our relaxation time, we can enjoy a little more balance and calmness in this chaotic but joyful time of year.

Why not try our Class Of The Month Mediation with
Cornelius O’shaughnessy to help you restore your inner calm.


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