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Flight Prep: Eating in the Sky

I recently made my first visit to NYC, thus it was time for myself (and the SBC) to have a proverbial bite of the big apple pie!

So many of my clients are spending more and more time there – shooting campaigns, auditioning or just faffing around in Whole Foods eating kale chips – so it’s the right time to meet a few people, soak up the city and see what all the fuss is about.

One thing that always perturbs my pre transatlantic flight is the plane food – that was made 12 weeks ago – lurking on board. I’ve always loved flying but the cuisine that “fuels” my fellow “Eco warriors” (economy class) conjures a feeling inside me akin to the night before a root canal surgery. I’m pretty sure the average prison is serving up tastier fare.

In my opinion this leaves two options:

A- Fasting the duration of the flight

B- Preparing food the night before.

Now there are two concise problems that dance seductively with the aforementioned:

A- When i miss one meal I start to resemble a Michael Jackson-esque corpse in the Thriller video and i’m also a whole bowl of low.

B- If I prep the night before I will invariably devour all such grub before its even in the Tupperware.

So what to do?

Well, you know the answer don’t you?! (you clever little thing)

There are a myriad of epic benefits backing up this choice like a culinary calvary. It’s a well informed simple choice that you can also implement into your daily routine. How many times do we eat an awful breakfast or even skip it because we haven’t prepared? That old adage “Don’t prepare, prepare to fail” comes to fruition.

What’s the harm in cooking two salmon fillets and an extra portion of broccoli the evening before then eating the extras for your breakfast? The answer is a simple one based on simple logic.


The whole prep pretence is fascinating to certain folk. The kind that think weetabix is healthy or the kind that swear by low fat diets. i’ll admit it looks a little weird and yes, perhaps has a tint of autism about it, but prepping for a flight (and/or every night before your next work day) will place you in the jet stream for a next level body.

While others will be reading 50 Shades of grey and Heat magazine, snacking on their mini pretzels and taking an inflammatory flight via intolerance, I’ll be on Paleolithic Airways with my organic fillet, almonds and berries. I know I’ll be looked at and judged (even more so than when I’m wearing flip flops in January) but I’m pretty certain I’ll have the last holistically themed chuckle.

I hope the message i have tried to convey is clear: Prepping your food for a flight will reap great rewards because nutrient dense organic produce will increase your energy, heighten your mood and have an amazing effect on your neurotransmitters. This will in turn help you acclimatise to your new surroundings and lessen the onset of the dreaded “jet slag”

This is a winning protocol, trust me! I’ve been there and done it…

Founder of “The Skinny Bitch collective” Russell is leading the new wave of coaches changing perceptions of how Women (and men) should train. His clientele pan from the elite of the British fashion industry to professional boxers. He is a Mens Health expert columnist and writer with nearly 10 years of training experience and knowledge.
His SBC workshops will twin primal athletic performance with metabolic intensity. There is an astute focus on technique, tempo and form. Russell firmly believes that each member will take away something new from each SBC workshop that will improve their own training regime.


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