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Here at Plenish Cleanse, we get the question, “So what’s all the hype about cold pressed juices?” The real reasons behind the love of fresh pressed juices are that fruits and vegetables are truly amazing! These foods nourish your cells at the deepest levels, contain all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs, help prevent disease with their alkalinity and antioxidant rich nature, help flush the body of waste and taste delicious to boot.

The only trouble is we rarely get enough fresh veggies and fruits – and this is where the juice comes in! Believe it or not, your body is working very hard to keep up with you! Juicing is a great way to expedite the delivery of ‘superfoods’ to your bloodstream, boost immunity, ward off disease, recover after intense workouts and lower your acidity.


Did you know you can pack nearly 6 pounds of vegetables and fruit into one 500ml of cold pressed juice? (We discovered that nifty fact when we developed our Mind Body Green juice). Juicing is a convenient, healthy way to get in your daily dose of greens that can help keep you fit, healthy and energized.

“Fresh pressed juice are a great post workout option mixed with protein as they help hydrate and restore glycogen levels and provide your body with valuable phytonutrients which may protect against cellular damage: they behave like ‘good visitors’ to the cell & exert favourable effects” Gideon @KX_life


Juicing extracts vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals from fruits and vegetables in a liquid form, removing the fibre that allows these nutrients to be absorbed by the body almost instantly, without the usual work of digestion. By removing the fibre, you are giving your overworked digestive system a break from the taxing job of extracting the vitamins and minerals while offering your system a proverbial IV of nutrition straight to your cells. You should always ensure your juices are made of mostly vegetables (preferably organic green vegetables) with a minimum 4:1 veg to fruit ratio keep energy levels consistent.


Due to overwhelming demand for a ‘booster’ size of our juices, we launched a 250ml Pocked-Sized PLENISH at Harvey Nichols today. Beginning February 19, you can purchase the individual juices at Harvey Nichols 5th Floor. Now there is no excuse not to squeeze in 6lbs of alkalizing green veggies before lunch! Try them as a supplement to your healthy diet. Can’t make it to Knightsbridge? Then order online at


Inspired to start juicing at home? Here’s an easy recipe to start your love of greens:
2 large cucumbers (peeled if not organic)
big fistful of kale
big fistful of sweet pea sprouts or dandelion sprouts
4–5 stalks celery
1–2 big broccoli stems
1 pear or green apple

1 inch of ginger (Wash all ingredients, run through juicer and DRINK TO YOUR HEALTH immediately! Makes just under 1 litre of juice – good for two people, or pour half into a tightly sealed jam jar, refrigerate and drink later.

The Authors:

Kara Rosen
Is a long-time juicer, entrepreneur, and the founder of PLENISH offering cold pressed raw juices and cleanses delivered to your home in the UK. Kara discovered the benefits of a plant-based diet by overcoming her own health issues through juicing and a mostly raw-food diet.
Romi Pulichino, RD
Romi is a Registered Dietician and a New York State licensed nutritionist with over 10 years of experience. She did her clinical nutrition residency at Harvard’s BWH hospital after concluding her university studies in the USA and Argentina. She has worked primarily in the clinical setting at the community level caring for diverse populations with a broad spectrum of nutrition and medical challenges.

Nutrition, Detox, Juicing

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