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So you want to get lean in time for Summer. What’s the first move? Below is a summary to accompany the recent KX Ask The Expert video released this week.

o To get results you’ve got to train smart and eat smart

o Breakfast: ditch sugar and carb-laden breakfasts and opt for a savoury, protein-rich breakfast instead

o Get savvy with fructose and limit intake to 25g per day

o Prioritise protein at meals

o Bulk meals out with lots of non-starchy veg and salad

o Eat modest servings of fibre-rich, low GI carbs

o Give all white ‘refined’ carbs a wide berth

o Eat good carbs earlier in the day, and include them before and after resistance exercise sessions

o Eat your evening meal early and keep evening intake of carbs, and especially sugars, to a minimum

o Switch to green tea as your beverage

For your training, The goal is to involve as many muscles groups as possible into movements and generate max calorie expenditure in the training session

o Require High Volume

o Sub-maximal Loading

o Full Body Movements

o Movement Through Different Planes

o Incomplete Rest

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