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Hamburgers: Not a Bad Option

Today, July 4th, marks Independence Day in the US. As Americans across the country fire up the grill to celebrate the holiday with friends and family, a stateside export has opened it’s doors in Covent Garden to bring the humble hamburger to new heights.

Five Guys is an American restaurant group serving up burgers, fries and other accouterments to eager patrons. If their customers (or self professed ‘fanatics’ thanks to their posting of adoring images on twitter) are anything to go by, a Five Guys burger might be the stuff of legend.

For too long the hamburger has been resigned to the category ‘forbidden pleasures’ on a path to clean eating. If, like Five Guys, your patties are 100% beef (bonus points for grass-fed beef), made fresh and grilled to order there is no reason why a burger should not be a meal option.

KX expert nutritionist Glen Matten suggests that “Beef offers up a bountiful supply of trace minerals iron and zinc in very well-absorbed forms, along with vitamin B12 and protein, and to top it off, being grass-fed means it tends to be lower in fat overall yet have a higher ratio of omega-3”.

Fitness Manager Gideon Remfry is a fan, as are rest of the Remfry family, “what is not to love about burgers. Mine and my kids favourite is a homemade mix of organic buffalo mince and pork mince with curry powder, chopped onions, sea salt and black pepper. Grilled and finished with a portabella mushroom and guacamole on top….num num!”

It comes as no surprise that the ingredeitns of a burger take top priority for KX Chef Alessandro. He opts for ground rib eye (just watch the fat) and is also a fan of guacamole as a topping in place of mayo.

As for myself, I opt for a ‘bun-less’ burger and watch those add-ons especially at Five Guys where have unlimited tempting topping options at no additional charge.

So there you have it, or rather, now you can have it. Happy 4th of July.


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