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How To Survive The Holiday Season

Francesca fills us in on her favourite festive tips.

It’s that time of year again, the Christmas lights are up and adorning the streets, you’re running through endless gift lists and wish lists, your diary is fuller than the Prime Minister’s with festive social events and meetings – and you still need to take care of yourself, your family and organise the Holidays!

You can and You will! I call this the Wonder Woman Effect.

I’m sure you already know all the best-kept secrets to cooking an amazing turkey, and just how to select the perfect present for your BFF, but I want to share with you my little tricks to ensure your body is kept as the perfect present to self: i.e. PERFECT!

The holiday party food will soon be surrounding you, and I urge you to refuse its siren call in order to keep you looking hot in your sparkling LBD. You don’t want cellulite in your stockings now do you?


-Make sure you set a daily date in the diary with yourself for a 30min workout routine. If you can spare longer, then please do. Do combos of arms, legs or abs, and remember that there is no excuse to miss your beauty regime. You will always regret NOT doing a workout more than doing it! You can find amazing quick efficient routines in my book: ‘The Ultimate Workout’, available from the 1st of December.

-Eat before you depart for your office party or social event. Finger food never keeps you satisfied and you can be sure it is all packed with unhealthy ingredients. Try to eat something small before you go, like a boiled egg, a few slice of turkey, or a handful of nuts to keep your sugar levels balanced and your tummy from bloating and/or running on empty.

-Make the right choice when browsing the buffet table and choose your food wisely: quail eggs, asparagus and prosciutto, sashimi, crudities, chicken skewers, avocado and crab meat are a few healthy staples we can hope a party menu has to offer. When possible, switch to these and forgo the pudding and the so-called treats.

-Keep hydrated! Stick to water and if you cannot resist that glass of bubbles, please switch to a glass of red wine, full of antioxidants and resveratrol, which some say are the elixir of youth! My view is to always keep a glass of water handy. One glass of wine equals two glasses of water. Or as my Great Granny’s tip goes, mix half a glass of wine with half a glass of water. Or put ice in it. Or if you still like the bubbles, I suggest you put Pellegrino in your Vino!

-Let your hair down on the dance floor! Dancing is an optimal way to burn your calories and tone your muscles. Plus it’ s a great stress reliever! Dance your booties off and shake it like Cyrus! ;)

-To keep your Christmas stress a bay, escape to the KX Spa and treat yourself with a massage by the caring hands of Kirsty Connolly. Find her on Thursday and Sunday mornings or direct on your doorstep! Massage delivery anyone?

Now go and make me proud by looking amazing in that latest party number!

Happy Holidays!

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