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How You Can Slow Down To Go Faster

“If you continue in the direction you are headed you will likely get where you are going”. Chinese Proverb

In nearly 99% of the clients I see for fat loss stress is having a negative effect on their body composition. Too much stress usually equates to more of what you don’t want (fat) and less of what you do (healthy lean muscle).

Now while I use a lot of special herbs like Rhodiola Rosea and specific Ginsengs as well as other tricks like Phosphatidyl Serine to help improve a client’s ability tolerance to stress and speed up fat loss from the abdominal region one thing often comes up during a consultation – the need for a dictionary so they can look up what “relax” means.

Question: “So what do you do to relax?”
Answer. “I don’t know” or “nothing” or worse (“I watch the X-Factor”).

Question: “What are you passionate about?”
Answer: “I don’t know”

If when you ask yourself the above questions you don’t come up with good answers then it is time to sit down and figure it out. Life is too short. When you follow your passions and take time to look after yourself then you will look and feel better and you will also feel more alive. Research is very clear on this. The immune system, mental health and physical benefits are clear.

So take time to relax every day and do things that you are passionate about several times a week. That way when you also add in a good nutrition plan and appropriate supplements you will find the results are better and faster and much more enjoyable.

Live with passion, that way you will get where you want to go.

Hamish Hurley is a dedicated, multi-faceted practitioner who operates in the highest zones of influence today in the world of elite sport therapies. His knowledge of nutrition, physiological impairments to excellence and his endless network of experts are a valuable tool for clients and sport disciplines that tap into his wheelhouse of service.
• Soft Tissue Expert for Chronic Pain, Acute Injury and Sports Performance
• Industry Leader in Health and Performance Coaching
• Specialist in Body Fat Testing and Analysis


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