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Introducing Torq-King

Ever find yourself stuck in a workout “rut”? Is your body bored? Well, be bored no more! Introducing Torq-King, the revolutionary full-body functional fitness workout for all levels. With a patented omni-wheel system, Torq-King provides the unique opportunity to perform body-weight exercises with a 360° range of motion and a constant focus on core strength and stability.

The Torq-King will bring your body back into fire, teaching it to expect and respond to new things. The benefits? An increase in flexibility and range of motion, improved core strength, and the development of lean muscle for total body conditioning.

We’re delighted to have launched a new class for our members this month at KX with this revolutionary piece of kit. We have co-designed the class with fitness professionals Simon Prest & Neil Johnson, the brain-power behind Torq-King.

Taken by Simon himself, the Torq-King class combines the best of strength, functional and core training to pack a full-body workout into 30mins (Weds) or 45mins (Fri).

The focus on “strength through range of motion” helps with injury prevention, balance and mobility and gets you working muscles that you didn’t even know you had. Torq-King will challenge you both mentally and physically and take you outside the comfort zone of your normal workout.

Feedback so far? “my butt hurt for a week after!”

Sound like your kind of thing? Go on, we dare you!

_Gideon has 20 years experience as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and educator, focused upon engaging patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Gideon is also currently training as a naturopathic nutritionist, is a frequent writer for Men’s Fitness magazine and the resident trainer of UK TV show Britain’s Next Top Model.__
• Manages KX Fitness Team
• Personal Trainer
• Strength and Conditioning Coach
• Functional Medicine Consultant


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