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KX 7 Day Sirtfood Detox

On the back of the phenomenal success of our Sirtfood based 7 Day Total Body Detox programme, where participants lost up to 10 pounds in 10 days, we are delighted to announce the all new, all improved, KX 7 Day Sirtfood Detox.

Pioneered right here at KX, Sirtfoods are the amazing group of plant foods which have gained scientific acclaim for their unique ability to turn on our body’s ‘skinny genes’.

Continuing to lead the field in Sirtfood offerings the 7 Day Sirtfood Detox combines the latest scientific research on Sirtfoods with the best bits of our original Total Body Detox.

An all-natural and delicious food based programme, the new KX 7 Day Sirtfood Detox is perfect for those who require an intense wellbeing and fat burning boost.

Please email to find out more.

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