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The KX Education Program has always been a key part of the idea of progressive development that has been at the core of the KX ethos from day 1. Whilst the program has been delivered in different forms compared to current program, it has always been about giving those serious about developing a career in the fitness industry the tools and the knowledge to make them one of the best PTs in the business.
The KX Education Program began by bringing industry experts to KX to present day long workshops on topics which included corrective exercise, modified strongman training, functional medicine, speed & power training, etc. Whilst the workshops were highly informative, they highlighted a clear need for a more in depth system which delivered both the theoretical and practical information about these topics.
From these workshops the current form of the KX Education Program was born. The intensive education syllabus is run over 2 years and made up of a total of 18 units. Picking up from where the Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification finishes, the KX Education Program takes an in depth look at topics such as anatomy, programming and coaching, and introduces new, advanced topics such as the fascial system, functional medicine and advanced nutrition.

KX Education Program is unlike any other education program in the fitness industry. Instead of the normal webinar or large group scenario, all lessons are delivered in a 1-2-1 format. The content is delivered on weekly basis in the form of both theory sessions and practical sessions. This unique learner centred approach facilitates the best system for all learners, whether they are auditory, visual or kinesthetic learners. Practical sessions support the theoretical content, allowing learners to practically apply what they have learnt in their theory session under the guidance of highly experienced tutors. The theory-practical link is a key learning dynamic of the KX Education, which is largely absent from most other education programs.

The KX Education Program employs an evidence based approach to all aspects of the syllabus. Course presenter Aaron Deere has been in the fitness industry for 15 years and during this time has travelled the world to continue his personal education and development. Amongst his list of qualifications are a Degree in Sports Science, Certificate of Sports Nutrition, Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapist, Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach and he is currently completing an MSc in Nutritional Medicine and a Diploma in Functional Medicine. In his time in the fitness industry, Aaron has seen the effect ‘bro science’ and misinformation has had on the industry and has strived to make the KX Education Program a high quality, scientifically validated learning tool for all those undertaking the program. Alongside the academics, Aaron is also someone who has ‘walked the walk’ in terms of strength & conditioning and athletic performance. With a background originally in elite level basketball, having been on an athletic scholarship to a US college and played professionally in Australia and Europe, Aaron has also completed in Olympic Weightlifting (best total 245kg) and currently competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, holding a purple belt under Lucio Lagarto.
In 2017 the KX Education Program became a formally recognised qualification, achieving professional recognition from Active IQ, along with accreditation and the allocation of CPD points to the syllabus from CIMPSA. Along with the advanced education, this now gives those joining KX as a Fitness Advisors a formal qualification and CPD points upon successful completion of the 2-year program.
If you are serious about developing a career in the fitness industry and becoming an industry leading Personal Trainer contact Aaron Deere on for more information about the KX Education Program


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