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KX Pregnancy Support Programme evolved out of our passion to support women and couples at every stage of pregnancy and has been an integral part of our holistic health and fitness history since our conception in 2002.

Developed by KX’s in-house wellness experts, the new programme integrates nutrition, physical therapy and exercise to support expectant mothers from pre-conception through to postnatal care. KX has worked closely with Professor Mark Johnson, Founder of Borne, to ensure the programme is scientifically validated, underpinned by research and therefore safe and effective for both mother and child.

“It has been a fantastic journey working with KX on developing the integrated pregnancy programme. Nutrition, physical therapy and exercise combined all play a crucial role in the health of both a mother and her baby. This collaboration has enabled us to develop a programme that is not only underpinned by research, but uses that research to provide a supportive environment during one of life’s biggest transitions. The programme takes you through the different stages of the journey, from pre-conception through to post-natal care. Research suggests that a combination of methods can help you to remain healthy whilst ultimately ensuring the safety of your baby. Our partnership is underpinned by research based practical advice to help optimise the health of parents.”
Professor Mark Johnson, Chief Scientific Officer, Borne

During each stage the expert team provide bespoke exercise programming, nutritional advice and physical therapy sessions. As the pregnancy develops, so too do the unique needs of both mother and baby, which is why each programme is carefully tailored to the individual.

“We’ve worked passionately to develop a programme that combines the core elements required for a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy. Our team of expert practitioners collectively provide the required knowledge, skill and expertise to guide participants through the pregnancy journey. By working closely with Professor Mark Johnson, we’ve been able to develop our programme around an evidence base, which is a big comfort to those planning, expecting, or in the early stages of motherhood.”
Gideon Remfry, Health, Fitness & Nutrition Manager

The programme is led by experts in each key field of pregnancy wellness:
- Exercise
- Nutrition
- Physical Therapy.

Exercise programmes are tailored to the individual and based around each specific stage of pregnancy. Programmes may include aspects of dynamic and appropriate warm-up education, muscle activation, injury rehabilitation and/or injury prevention, strength and conditioning, yoga, functional training, pilates, pelvic floor muscle training and health, fascial stretching and recovery techniques.

“Coaching safety is incredibly important throughout each trimester, and at KX we focus on a well-balanced programme that includes specific pre and post-natal exercises and functional training programmes to help a mum’s strength in her daily life. Addressing posture, core activation, pelvic floor, hip stability and alignment and back aches is important to all stages of pregnancy and the post-natal journey. Evidence clearly states that specific fitness creates positive birth outcomes, helps boost mood and can help fight post-natal depression post pregnancy.”
Katelyn Faison, Programme Manager and Advanced Personal Trainer

Getting your nutrition right before you fall pregnant, during pregnancy and post-natal helps to promote the best outcome for both mother and baby. These elements are clearly defined by each stage of the pregnancy journey and supported with one-to-one consultations with our nutritional medicine expert and testing all housed in the Spa.

We want to take the most up-to-date knowledge and put it into practice to reassure women of the right nutritional path to take.”
Glen Matten, Nutritional Expert and Clinician

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy helps support a healthy pregnancy and maintains health and wellness before and after birth. In keeping with the KX methodology, physical therapy considers the whole person, both body and mind, and is delivered as one-to-one assessments and treatments in dedicated Spa therapy rooms.

“Pregnancy is not a condition! However, health professions are well equipped to help women have a smoother experience throughout its steps. There is growing evidence to show that osteopathy and physiotherapy are able to help women in the pre-conception phase to promote fertility, in the pregnancy phase to reduce pelvic girdle pain and improve labour process and finally post-conception to help re-adapt to the bio-mechanical changes.”
Paul Marsat, Physiotherapist & Osteopath

Referral to Professor Mark Johnson’s team is available via personal introduction.

A final word from our trusted pregnancy support team – Anita’s house:

“Having helped almost 5,000 women prepare their nurseries, baby kit and more, as they transition to motherhood, I am often asked about where best to go for the most up-to-date advice. I am utterly delighted to recommend and support this wonderfully comprehensive and trustworthy programme which Mark Johnson and KX have developed together – a game changer in this field.”
Anita Worlidge, Managing Director, Anita’s House

To find out more information, to book an appointment or to speak with one of our team please contact Gideon Remfry on 020 7584 5333 or email:

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