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KX Profile | Alice Post

Congratulations to Alice Post who has successfully passed her Personal Training Trial and has now progressed onto a FA/PT position.

Alice was studying pharmacology at the universidade Federal de Santa Maria
in Brazil when she was first introduced by a friend to Kundalini Yoga. Alice was so passionate about the classes and was eager to learn and experience as much as she could; she became so enamored with Kundalini Yoga that she decided to completely change career paths and completed her teacher training in 2003 and has since dived wholeheartedly into a career of health
and fitness. Alice moved to England in 2007 and teaches all over London, from client’s homes, to parks, offices and – of course – right here at KX Gym.

Alice has a unique and exceptional ability to communicate and teach people, and does so in four different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian). Her wide repertoire of techniques and progressive programs helps her clients succeed in getting not only strong and fit in body, but also in mind. We sat down with Alice to find out a little bit more about her.

1.) How long have you been at KX?

I have been working at KX for year and a half now.

2.) How long have you been a Personal Trainer and a Yoga Teacher?

I have been a Personal Trainer for five years and a Yoga Teacher for ten years.

3.) What do you eat pre workout and post workout?

Pre- workout I would preferably choose something light, maybe some smoked salmon and salad, and post-workout (whenever I have the time!) I’d like to sit down and eat a nice plate of my yummy own creation which consists of a plate with a bit of everything: green leaves, peppers and olives, a protein (sea food or chicken) and some carbs (I always vary, it could be potatoes, brown rice or brown pasta or some couscous). When time is restricted – definitely a protein shake!

4.) What do you wear to workout?

You’ll find me in leggings that fit nicely and are made of good fabric – great brands are Nike, Stella McCartney and Adidas. When it comes to Sports Bras, Nike is great as they’ve got the so many options – ones which give more support for activities such as running, or a bit more relaxed ones if you’re just doing weights or Yoga. In my opinion Asisc trainers are the best ones for comfort and support!

5)Where will we find you when you’re not at KX?

When I’m not at work, I love going to the park (Hyde Park and Clapham Common) or to the cinema. Weekends are spent socialising with my friends – having lovely dinners and going out dancing!

6.)What’s your favourite motivational/inspirational quote?

‘Work to have a strong and flexible mind and body. This way you are always able to adapt to the new and keep growing despite of the difficulties.’

You can check out Alice in action demonstrating a short warm-up routine here.

Alice is available at KX Mondays and Fridays for one-to-one Yoga Personal Training and one-to-one Strength and Conditioning Training.


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