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KX Profile | Kyle Poleon

A huge congratulations to Kyle Poleon who has qualified through the KX education internship to become a KX Personal Trainer (and amassed an impressive list of qualifications along the way!)

Kyle is a Personal Trainer who specialises in improving clients’ body composition, fat loss, fitness and overall strength and conditioning using weight training and a variety of different methods. He is fun and highly motivating and is keen to ensure every single client he trains meets their full potential – whether they are complete beginners who need to develop confidence in the gym, professional athletes who need to perform at their peak or even Miss Great Britain, who needs to get her body competition-ready for Miss Universe.

Kyle has in fact been training the current Miss Great Britain, the delightful KX Member Amy Willerton, in preparation for the Miss Universe competition in November. Amy began her bespoke KX programme (nutrition, spa and fitness) in October and has been attending five intense 9am training sessions per week with Kyle, with the goal of losing fat and building lean muscle to ensure Amy is Miss-Universe-Ready.

These core five personal training sessions each week with Kyle have underpinned the success of Amy achieving her Miss Universe goals – and after recently completing her bespoke programme at KX, Amy dropped 6% and 1kg of body fat from 17% to 11%, and gained 2kg lean muscle.

We asked Kyle to tell us a little bit more about himself:

1.) How long have you been at KX?
I’ve been at KX for one year.

2.) How long have you been a Personal Trainer?

I’ve been a personal trainer for 3 years.

2.) What do you eat pre workout and post workout?

Pre workout I like to have a protein and carb meal, my personal preference is sweet potato and chicken. I also take a handful of BCAA’s pre workout. Post workout I like to have a meal with carbs and protein again with the preference of chicken and sweet potato, where I also take more bcaa’s and a post workout shake high in protein content.

3.) What do you wear to workout?

I love to workout in my Nike Freerun 2.

4.)Where will we find you when you’re not at KX?

I spend most of my time at Church and if not at church then playing football and eating at restaurants. (Shhh about my snacks of cookies sometimes.)

5.)What’s your favourite motivational/inspirational quote?

“Winners train losers complain!” – I’ve even got the T-shirt!


Kyle qualified through the KX education internship and amassed an impressive list of qualifications during this process, including:
Personal Training – Dip
A.R.T (Active Release Technique),
Biosignature Modulation – Poliqun
Holistic Massage – Itec Level 3
UKSCA Planning Effective Programs
Active IQ – level 3
Move It – OLF

Kyle is available for Personal Training sessions at KX.


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