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KX Team Kilimanjaro: Mission Accomplished

Summit Day

We all got up at 9.30 and got ready with our clothing for the summit. We must of been wearing about 6/7 layers of clothing! From base layers to the other wind breaker..we were ready!

After some food and hot drinks we start our ascent to the summit at 11pm. Head lights on, one behind another, with a guide in front and one at the back! It seemed to go on forever!

The pace was slow, but with each step we took as we got higher, our hearts seemed to want to burst out! We could see other headlights following us as we got higher, everybody just dug in and keep going with no signs of altitude symptoms! After a tough 6 hours we hit the summit just as the sun was coming up and what a sight it was!

We saw beautiful glaciers and we were standing above the clouds on Africa’s highest mountain! It was cold at least minus 20! So a quick set of photos (which we can’t wait to share with you) and we start our descent..

That was almost as bad as going up! We came down a separate route which took 3 hours to our camp. After a brief break and dome food we were off again for another 4 hour trek to a lower altitude base camp 3,000 meters. We stayed there overnight before heading back to the gate of Tanzania national park – where our adventure all started!

We’ve just got the exit gate of the National Park!

Mission accomplished!!!

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