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We can make positive changes to our lifestyle which have a huge impact on our health. Striving to be active and exercising regularly is one of them. When we start to achieve more optimal health our BODY starts to WEAR the rewards by RUNNING and LOOKING better. This is our simple (but often overlooked) mission that resonates through all of our integrated health, fitness and nutrition programmes.

The KX20 body transformation programme provides all of the active ingredients to create a great shaped body, hand in hand with optimal health and the blueprints to a long term healthy lifestyle.

So let’s demystify some of the misinformation about exercise to talk about which forms of exercise are the most effective to achieve body transformation..

Resistance exercise and aerobic exercise have been shown to be highly effective at reducing fat mass. Aerobic training alone, without a calorie restricted diet, has been shown to reduce total body weight, but the combination of aerobic training and resistance training has been shown to reduce body weight but also increase fat free mass. Levels of fat oxidation (fat burning) have been shown to be increased by up to 78% directly after resistance exercise and remained raised by up to 105% for the following 24 hours after the workout.

The level of intensity of the training program has shown to have a large effect on outcomes, with high intensity resistance training shown to be more effective in improving body composition than moderate intensity resistance training, especially in females.

KX20 applies the most effective forms of exercise to promote fat loss and create lean tissue using five personal training sessions per week over four weeks & an additional KX20 group class.

What will my training week look like? Here’s an example weekly plan:

Session 1 – Metabolic Conditioning – HIIT circuit

Session 2 – Resistance Training – body composition

Session 3 – HIIT – bike & sled tabata intervals

Session 4 – Metabolic conditioning – volume circuit

Session 5 – Resistance training – Body composition

Session 6 – HIIT – rower & sled tabata intervals

The personal trainers emphasis is to train you not just HARD but SMART! Blood health markers and body composition are assessed throughout the programme to provide you with quantifiable results on your hard work & our methods.

So our final thought is to try and motivate you to move more every day and if you want to change shape, think about redirecting your focus towards goals that drive and inspires you to live a life of health and vitality and by default you will WEAR the BODY that looks and feels fantastic to live in.


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