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KX20: Nutrition

Getting your nutrition spot on is crucial to your successful body transformation. The key is to eat the right types of foods at the right time, which fuel your training, promote recovery and lean muscle gain and yet drive maximum fat loss.

And this is exactly what the KX20 diet plan does. A diet of inclusion not exclusion you will enjoy delicious, all natural whole foods, all while experiencing the incredibly powerful body transforming benefits they bring. As the UK’s most sophisticated and effective nutritional approach, it is the perfect complement for ensuring that you reap the full benefits of your training program.

The Three Cornerstones of KX20 Nutrition:

1) Stock up on Sirtfoods
Sirtfoods are little known but extremely powerful specific types of plants that have what are called SIRT activating properties. They are master regulators of our metabolism and eating them comes with a raft of benefits for the training and dieting individual, including increased fat loss, improved muscle recovery and enhanced metabolism. By adding them at sufficient quantities a new dimension to the results you can achieve is possible. Our top five Sirtfoods for easy diet changes with dramatic effects are; cocoa, matcha green tea, olives, berries and raw kale.

2) Breakfast like a Prince, Lunch like a King, Dinner like a Pauper
The old adage so nearly got it right. We all have an in-built body clock, which regulates the daily rhythm of our physiology including our ability to utilise foods (especially carbohydrates) and whether these will be used for fuel or fat storage. In practice, what this means is that you are able to handle food more efficiently earlier in the day, with studies showing your body is best primed with an early lunch. However, this efficiency declines later in the day (e.g. the evening) when your body is gearing down for rest and sleep. As daylight regulates our body clocks, here at KX we say when the sun goes down, put those carbs down too!

3) Protein for Progress.
Protein is essential to provide the building blocks for recovery from exercise and muscle growth and repair. Also keeping our diets high in protein causes the release of what are known as our “satiety” hormones, meaning we can eat less without feeling hungry. Thus, including a high protein intake, evenly spaced over the day, helps to preserve your muscle, and promote fat loss. The key for full benefit is to include plenty of high quality proteins such as meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy as these are rich in the essential amino acids that provide the benefits we want.

Sample Menu: A Day in the KX20 Diet
(1800 calories – Men/ 1500 calories- Women)

Upon Rising:
KX Fat Burner Drink

Breakfast 8am-9am
Shiitake mushroom omelette with fresh berries

Lunch 12 noon
Tomatoes stuffed with quinoa & Sirtfood rich vegetables on top of chicken paillard

Snack 3pm
KX Body Transformation Protein Shake

Dinner 6-7pm
Turkey stracetti served with roasted Jerusalem artichokes, and steamed kale & broccoli

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