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Intrigued by the e-newsletter offering a new treatment in the Spa I booked in a consultation with Minu to chat about all things Endermologie. After talking about a few areas of concern I slipped into the body suit for the treatment…Well I say slipped, but it as it is essentially a full body stocking, it was more of a wriggle with some concerted yanking to get the suit on. Wearing the suit does away with the need for lotions and gels whilst still allowing the machine to glide smoothly across the body. As someone trying to fit a treatment into a busy schedule, being able to do away with the ‘goo’ was a welcome surprise.

Once enrobed, Minu began the treatment which she billed as a sort of deep massage. It was, like all good therapeutic massages, one that you instantly knew was doing quite a lot. In addition to the suction and the massage the rollers have 3 key movements ; rolling in, rolling out and rolling up which target slimming, firming and re-sculpting respectively. On top of that, Minu had a host of movement techniques including swinging, rocking and spiralling. While there are set programmes offered by the Lipomassage machine, the treatment combines a variety of movements on the part of the therapist. As LPG has been an Endermology specialist since 1986 I can only think that my treatment was the result of a fair bit of research and real results.

In fact, Minu shared that KX had begun researching LPG after feedback from clients who were having LPG treatments elsewhere for cellulite. As KX are committed not only to having the most effective treatments but also to listening to member needs they looked at LPG in earnest before deciding it would be a valuable addition to the Spa.

My treatment was 45 minutes and while some areas that needed a bit more ‘work’ definitely felt like they had been seen to I wasn’t in any pain and there was no redness after I removed the wonder suit.

Though each person is individual, a normal course is 8-10 treatments over 3-4 weeks then 1 maintenance treatment a month. As both the treatment and the recommended post-treatment cardio which helps flush toxins from the body can be done in under an hour I’d say this is the least challenging approach to firming, sculpting and cellulite I’ve come across.

Jadis joined Oakley Capital as Group Digital Director in April 2014 following her role as an advisor to the group. From outdoor events for 65,000+ in Central London, to an industry award winning Facebook first that broke new ground in live content marketing through a celebrity fronted broadcast, Jadis has experienced all aspects of in the marketing mix over her 15 year career. Jadis has been a trusted strategist and trusted advisor to celebrities, luxury brands, media outlets, producers and charities. Jadis’ no nonsense approach has made her a regular speaker at industry conferences globally. She is also a TV pundit and guest lecturer at leading UK universities. Jadis pays for all treatments personally.

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