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20 Minute Facial Insta-Lift® by Dr. Toni Phillips

20 Minute Facial Insta-Lift® by Dr. Toni Phillips

The 20 minute Facial Insta-Lift is a treatment designed to rejuvenate and refresh the face instantly. Clients can expect to leave the clinic with a fresher and more lifted facial appearance.

It is an injectable treatment using hyaluronic acid (HA) filler products, and the results are immediate. The technique was first developed in Korea, which is a known global leader in aesthetic medical therapies. It is new to the UK and an extremely advanced approach to treating the face.

Unlike the way that HA dermal fillers are usually injected to add volume, this technique uses an innovative approach to placing the hyaluronic acid. The idea is to support the face at various, specific anatomical points that are important for a tighter and lifted appearance.

A major advantage of this treatment is that it avoids achieving an altered, or unnatural look. Very little HA product is often needed, and there is no danger of a ‘pillow-face’ which can happen when HA fillers are used to volumise in the traditional way. This treatment will appeal to clients who have previously been nervous of HA fillers, and want a result that is discreet and natural but effective.

A personalized consultation with Dr. Toni will assess suitability, and the procedure can be done in the same visit if desired.

• Duration of Treatment: 20 minutes
• Downtime: Zero
• Fee: From £950
• Pain: Zero to mild
• Outcomes: Immediate
• Duration: 9-12 months but can be repeated at 6 months to enhance and support the aesthetic result.

The 20 minute Facial Insta-Lift has long-lasting benefits as it helps to restore and revitalise the facial ligaments, and other relevant facial structures that are important for a youthful appearance. It can be combined with Silhouette Soft thread lifts and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to improve and maintain results.

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