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Malvina Fraser's Top Winter Skincare Tips

As we are now heading into the winter season, our skin is starting to react as we move from the warmth into a colder environment leaving our skin craving advanced moisture and protection. Now, more than ever, we need to take more care and defend our skin against the elements of typical British weather; sleet, wind, rain and snow.

Malvina Fraser has put together for you her top tips on how to keep your skin in the best condition in the wintery months and some methods on how to look after it throughout the day time and night time.

• During the winter, swap night and day creams as you might feel you need a little more hydration in the colder seasons during the day especially now we are starting to use our central heating.

• When applying facial creams and serums, ensure you work the product right up to the hair line. At night, don’t be afraid to go over the hairline as this small area often gets neglected and is just as important.

• Key ingredients you should always look for in skincare are active delivery peptides especially vitamin A and C. Hyaluonroic Acid, Omega -3, co-enzyme Q10 and most recently Plant Stem Cells are also key.

• Pop essential oils into your night creams for a relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

• Epsom salts are a great detox- Put 1 or 1/2 cup into your bath. They are amazing for getting your circulation going and therefore increase cell turn over. Be careful though. Drink a glass of water before and after and get out the bath carefully. This treatment is not good if you have high blood pressure.

• Optrex is really amazing for sensitive eyes by taking off the residue left by eye make-up remover. It is a saline ointment and will stop any reaction from the harsh qualities of the eye make-up remover.

• Mix almond oil and sugar for a wonderful hand exfoliator.

• Mix in Lavender with sugar to create a great hand exfoliator that also acts as an anti-bacterial hand wash.

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