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Massage: An Integral Ingredient to Performing Your Best

We go to the gym after a long day at the office, and push our bodies by running, lifting heavy weights, or maybe taking a spinning class. Whatever type of exercise program we choose, many of us forget that the rest/recovery time is just as important as the exercise program itself. No program is a good program if you cannot recover from it.

Many professional athletes consider sports massage to be an essential part of their training and recovery routine. These athletes find that a sports massage helps them to train more effectively and to improve performance: it reduces the risk of injury, and it improves the speed of recovery. Massage not only relaxes the body, it also help the athlete to switch off and relax mentally, and to calm down between intense bouts of training.

A boxer can throw heavy weights about to bulk up arm muscles and make them as strong and as big as he possibly can. However, this could potentially reduce his reach, which could put him at a disadvantage in the ring: there is no point in having strong bulked up arms if you can’t make contact with your opponent!

Massage in the training program would focus on underlying tissue layers to release tension in sore, tight muscles. Manipulation of specific muscle groups will alleviate chronic pains brought about by repetitive strains or a build-up of stress, leaving your muscles supple and relaxed. It will also help to ease muscle tightness and strains, and speed the repair of injury, to improve muscle performance and to strengthen and tone muscles ready for the next training session or competition.

Using massage as part of the training program can help to restore heart rate and improve the athlete¹s autonomic state.

Pre-competition massage can mentally aid the athlete by massaging away any niggles to allow him or her to focus on the competition.

Post-competition massage will help the athlete to recover more quickly, and will help to ensure that the athlete is in top shape to compete in the next game or training session.

Having worked amongst a number of chiropractors and physiotherapists, Jules specialises in deep tissue massage, treating muscular sports injuries and providing rehabilitation. She has worked with a number of high profile sports teams, such as The All Blacks, the England Rugby teams, Harlequins Rugby Clubs and Fulham Football club, as well as a number of high profile private patients.
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