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MAT: Truly Bespoke Training

You may not be familiar with Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), but it’s proponents are household names famed for their athleticism. You’d be hard pressed to get bigger names in American football past and present than Payton Manning, Tim Tebow and John Elway all of whom attribute MAT to their success on the field. New York Yankee Mark Teixteira even filmed a segment for ESPN singing it’s praises

In the UK, Rugby Union player James Haskell, who currently plays for London Wasps in the Aviva Premiership and internationally for England uses MAT with Travis to prepare for another gruelling season and when he is in Europe to compete, USA Olympic Triathlete Jarrod Shoemaker gets his treatment with Travis too.

While athletes are at the extreme end of what they require their bodies to do, each body is a finely honed instrument that often needs a bit of fine tuning. Such a unique instrument requires a truly individualised approach to first understand it, then to bring it back to peak performance.

MAT claims to bridge the gap between fitness and rehabilitation and after one session you’ll see just how different the approach really is.

Though it might sound counter intuitive,
Muscle contraction is the goal of MAT. Getting the muscle to contract optimally means a switched on muscle, a muscle tuned to contract better, creating stability, strength and a greater range of motion. Switched on and strong, MAT session’s prime your muscles enhancing training performance while protecting your body.

How does it actually work? Incredibly personalised, a MAT session uses a finely honed series of checks across your full range of motion to detect imbalances and muscle weakness. Once the weak links are found, your muscles are re-activated by targeting key pressure points. More efficient muscle contraction means you can deal with external forces such as weight training or running.

Or in the case of an American Football player, a 140kg defensive linesman charging at you full tilt.

If MAT is key to top performance why haven’t you heard of it? Likely because there are only 7 practitioners in the UK and they have plenty of high profile clients keeping them busy.

We believe in bringing the very best in fitness expertise to KX members. Travis Allan is our MAT specialist, on hand to give you the tools that will get you to your individual best and keep you there.

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