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Maxwell's Introduction to Marathon Training

Hi my name is Maxell Thomas, and I have been working at KX for 6 months. I am somebody who is always looking for a new challenge, and an ultra-marathon seemed like the perfect challenge for me. It is a 44 mile trail race in the lake district, scaling mount Skiddaw, and some of the surrounding peaks.

I will be documenting my progress over the coming months, looking at some of the key aspects required in my training for the race and the measures I am going to use to make the race as achievable as possible.

The KX team conducted a needs analysis for the event and highlighted strength endurance training, nutrition and recovery as key areas for optimal performance. Over the next few months I will report on my nutrition strategy and supplementation program specific for my training and highlighting the recovery strategies I will use to help my legs and body recover from my long training runs.

Running for me is something far more than just keeping fit and healthy. It is about sharing unforgettable experiences with friends and exploring unknown and foreign places. Most importantly for me, it is a time I use to clear my brain of hectic thoughts and stress and just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other.

I got inspired to sign up for my first ultra-marathon whilst reading the book ‘Born to run’. It is a book exploring the reasons people run and tries to find out how a secret tribe in Mexico have mastered the art of distance running.

Information on the marathon:
44 mile trail ultra race taking in the beautiful Northern Lake District
7136 feet of ascent on Saturday 29th August 2015, with the race starting at 8am.

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