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Michelle Laud talks CHT - The KX Menu

In my first blog post I talked about my journey with CHT (Colon Hydrotherapy) as well as why it can be a powerful and effective addition to ones long term healthcare.

Today I want to illustrate how bespoke and highly individualised the CHT treatment process can be. As an experienced Natural Health Therapist my aim is always to adapt treatments to the client, their background and current needs. With this in mind there are a number of tools which can help facilitate this holistic approach beautifully.

Here at KX LIFE we endeavour to offer the most extensive CHT Menu you are likely to find. The menu consists of options with which I can create enema infusions for the client as an additional supportive element during their treatment.

For those not familiar, an enema is a small amount (approx 1/2 pint) of pure warm water, mixed with herbs, liquid nutrients, homeopathics. This infusion is very gently and comfortably introduced into the bowel where it remains for a few minutes to allow proper absorption. This means that the client gets maximum potency of a supportive element which aims to most effectively help manage their symptom profile.

As a CHT therapist I am able to make the most considered approach for the client and choose from a wide array of options to help address their individual concerns. So I may choose to include:

It has anti-carcinogenic properties, is packed full of magnesium and other nutrients, strengthens and increases red blood cells, lowers blood
pressure and heals every organ and system in the body. Chlorophyll heals and disinfects every cell in the body and so is energising, rejuvenating and nourishing on every possible level. Great for those with fatigue, long term illness and poor digestion/elimination.

Using the highest quality organic grounds, a coffee infusion
is one of the safest and most effective ways to detoxify the liver & gallbladder channels. It helps clear gall stones, prevents the reabsorption of bile, promotes healing and growth of healthy tissue and stimulates detoxification.
An excellent way to help activate sluggish, constipated bowels too.

Can work wonders with inflammation, heat and acidity problems. A powerfully nutritive plant which supports all aspects of the digestive and elimination process.

Fatty Acids are crucial to all aspects of health, especially in regards to proper hydration, the nervous & endocrine systems as well as ensuring beautiful hair, skin and nails! Excellent for managing skin conditions such as acne and eczema, healing the gut wall and improving nutrient absorption. Also helps to attract fat soluble toxins and draw them out of the body more effectively.

An astringent, antispasmodic & anti – inflammatory herb which is fantastic at helping to remove stubborn, uncomfortable gas and bloating.

A soothing herb which has a very calming effect on the nervous system, making this an excellent choice for managing anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Excellent for managing symptoms associated with IBS, spasm and bloating.

Targets excessive yeast, parasites and other harmful pathogens lurking in the gut. Great for helping to manage Candida and its associated problems.

A fantastic all round healing, detoxifying and soothing blend.

I can draw from the Energetix range of supplements; choosing up to three items in a bespoke combination to suit client needs and address specific concerns.

Michelle Laud is a highly experienced Natural Health Therapist specialising in colon hydrotherapy, reflexology and natural nutrition.

For more details on the KX CHT MENU and to book treatments, please visit or call the Spa directly on 0207 581 7250.

Colon Hydrotherapy, Detox

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