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Mount Kilimanjaro Climb | James Reflects on an incredible experience

Team Greens did it! Last week, James joined Will Greenwood, former England Rugby World Cup 2003 winner and the incredible Team Greens and successfully scaled the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, the formidable Kilimanjaro.

Over the last few months, James has embarked on a detailed training program to prepare him for the 5,895m climb; he started his training with the KX 7 Day Detox and was then given a detailed detox maintenance nutrition plan for the next 21 days, this was a great way to initiate his training and ensure his body was in optimal condition for the challenging climb.

In addition to challenging fitness sessions in the gym and altitude training, James used meditation and MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) sessions with Travis in the final weeks of his training to calm his mind, ease tension and ensure his muscles were prepared for the arduous task ahead.

In the final 7 days, the reality really hit home and James found his anxiety peaking, these sessions truly came into their own: focus and calm.

A bit about the Climb

The journey started with a forest trek, leaving the traditional village of Nale Moru and walking through fields and pine forests to Rongai Camp One. Team Greens then headed up another 1000m in altitude, passing the jagged peaks of Mawenzi before camping near Kikelewa Caves at 3600m. A short but steep climb followed, up grassy slopes before reaching the Mawenzi Tarn where the team spent just over a day acclimatising to the altitude at 4330m. The climate changed dramatically across the lunar desert of ‘the saddle’ as the team climbed to the Kibo campsite. Summit day followed; starting at midnight with a steep climb up the scree slopes to Gilmans Point, then around the rim to Stella Point and finally reaching the summit of Uhuru Point at 5895m.

James talks us through the experience

What was the hardest part?

What was the most amazing part of the trip?

“It’s hard to articulate how you feel, I found it amazing how the whole team pulled together, the Porters (who took us up the mountain) were incredible, they knew when you needed a boost and would start singing to lift our spirits. The environment changed so considerably on both the ascent and descent, from desert to freezing temperatures to rainforest, I’ve never experienced anything like it”.

What was the most amazing part of the trip?

What was the hardest part?

“The sheer exhaustion, the lack of oxygen just saps all your energy, your body wants to stop, its mind over matter. I struggled with the last quarter of the final summit, altitude sickness started to set in and I had a headache, but I was so close that it didn’t matter, I was soon at the top”

How did you feel when you reached the summit?

“I felt so proud, very emotional; we all cried tears that froze on our cheeks! I felt excited and completely exhausted, it was amazing”

James is now well into his recovery, the feeling of tiredness remains, and can do for up to 3 months due to the body recovering haemoglobin levels.

Other than a few blisters from the descent, James is feeling great. He’s restoring tired knees with regular MAT sessions and will start back on his usual training routine in September.

“I’m truly blessed to have the amazing support of the entire KX family whom without I would never have been able to do the challenge which saw me completely out of my comfort zone.”

If you would like to make a donation to Team Greens and support Borne, please click Here

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