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In honour of National Fitness Day Two Fat Burning Workouts

National Fitness Day UK aims to become the biggest nationally celebrated fitness-focussed day of the year. On the last Friday of September of each year, everyone is encouraged to take part in ‘Empower Half Hour’ – doing 30 minutes of fun activities and exercise.

So in honour of National Fitness Day, KX Personal Trainer Kyle has put together two short, sharp fat-blasting workout.

Workout One

1) Jump Split Squats.
(30 seconds.)

2) High Kettlebell Swing.
(30 seconds)

3) Twisting Mountain Climbers.
(30 seconds)

4) Plank.
(30 seconds)

Rest for 1 one minute after each set of the four exercises. Complete five sets in total. (Click here to watch the video.)

Workout Two

1) Burpee to jump squats
(3× 45 seconds)

2) Pike walkout to walk up
(3× 45 seconds)

3)T Shape Push Up
(3× 45 seconds)

4)Glutebridge Walkouts
(3× 45 seconds)

Rest for 1 one minute after each set of the four exercises. Complete 3 sets in total. Click here and here for the videos.

Be sure to perform a quick set of stretches before and after to warm-up and cool-down.

Kyle is a Personal Trainer who specialises in improving clients’ body composition, fat loss, fitness and overall strength and conditioning using weight training and a variety of different methods. He is fun and highly motivating and is keen to ensure every single client he trains meets their full potential.

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